Friday, 9 November 2012

Happy 21st Birthday to me!

Hi all! I'm speaking blogging now as a 21-year-old girl! Anyway, starting my 20s years, I'm feeling so old already. GOSH. Time is passing so fast and tomorrow (Yes, Saturday!) I will be having my Applied Mechanics midterm.

It's just some small celebration on that day cause I'm having full class. Sigh, the day before I even thought I was going to have exam on my birthday and then don't know what reason that cause Tamer (my Thermodynamics lecturer) postponed the thing. Anyway, I skipped class AGAIN! lol ON MY BIRTHDAY

It's my big day what~ =P Okay. Cause it's Bablu's class and I don't know what he always blabbbing about although HE IS REALLY A DEDICATED LECTURER. He even willing to spent extra hours just to teach us.

Okay, bypass the boring part of school life!

Well, it's about my big day!! 

And my birthday celebration with boyfriend
@La Fuente, 1 Borneo

 My birthday falls on Thursday and they give 20% discount to ladies! 
Just for food and starting from 7pm only...

Tourist? Lecturer? Employer on contract? They seems like they know this place well. 

 Unexpectedly, they perform here. All of them are my friends. =D

 Probably it's not that bright, just that I haven't read the manual of Kerrison so I still have prob dealing with it. 

 Hot Chocolate

Pasta de Mariscos
-Mixed seafood in alio olio style with spaghetti

 Best ever oily spaghetti I've ever tried. lol 
Before this, I never thought oily food will be such tasty but don't worry.
It's olive oil!

La Fuente Burger
-Beef burger with cheese topping and French fries 

 Real chesse! So transparent!
Taste so nice!

 So, this is the first time I tried alcoholic drinks.
It's called Sangria which with chopped fruit on top.
The fuck, taste sucks cause I totally don't know how to appreciate this whole alcohol thing.
Maybe when I grew older. =D

 Dear La Fuente, please do not translate for me next time so that I can utilize my Spanish I learned in UMS.

My birthday cake, from Sabah Korea Restaurant

Not main stream, and taste so good! Talking about Sabah Korea Restaurant, I haven't pay them a visit yet after I've settle down here for so long! I shall when I have the chance!

 omg. The cake ridiculously have this 'bubble' popping sound but it's small bubble one. 
When I was cutting through my cake, it sound like a million of bubble was popped,
some sort like the sound when you're squeezing the sponge. 

Cause I never thought bf was going to bring me to such awesome restaurant 
(other than the smoke-smell part) and just simply change to something casual and go out ASAP
cause somemore it's quite late already.

Cause I was doing things like this...

 Selca with my Kerrison while the hair is real wet!
No edit for sure.

On BF's mirror.

Through Kerrison's eye on my birthday!
(=Some shots with my Sony NEX F3 on my birthday!)

Without edit or cropping.

Shot of the day! Now it's cropped!

She dances too! Hehe. My dear good friend who take cares of me a lot in campus life, reminds me about my exams, so kind hearted. I'm really grateful I met such person like her, and she's part of the reason I feel reluctant to leave UMS cause if I'm leaving, she's the only Chinese girl surviving in EE course. We are from Penang, she's just one week elder than me, our passion is food, we wear hipster glasses on daily basis to class, we like K-pop music and we girls talk a lot. It's far beyond the word 'Thank you' that the word could express.

bye~ ♥ with so much love ♥~♥

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