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iPod Photos: First and Solo Trip to the States 2012

Was spring cleaning my iPod and I realized that I have tonnes of pictures related to the title above have not yet been posted. Okay, so here's a post about my first time flying out of Asia and to the States. Not forgetting to mention, I flew there myself cause my parents and sis went there one month earlier than me means I'll be meeting them too. Also, my first time to not celebrate my Chinese New Year in Malaysia. 

Flew back from Sabah to Penang, then Penang to Texas. Total of how many hours of flying I don't know and I just salute those flying attendants or people that travels around for their work. Sit aeroplane sit until my butt so pain. Hokkien? Jeh ga kha chooi thia. >.<

Some might find, "ohh, parents got money let you sit aeroplane and travel to US so talk like this la". No, please don't get me wrong. I am just having a statement saying a part of my body aches. That time, I keep having a message from my brain: I need a bed, I neeeeeed a bed, I Need A Bed, I NEED A BED!!! 

 Selca at Penang International Aiport.
and bad hair dayssss for the rest of the flight...

 Everybody's half face at the airport, with him and his sisters.

 With Le Bf.

 Flight Ticket to Singapore with Silk Air

 So damn tired that time, cause the day before was packing and Panda came my house with Clare.
Talked and not really packing until the last minute.

Dark eye circles, pimples, eye balls are dropping out. 
Zombie mode, totally blank but couldn't sleep yet. Don't know why. 

Singaporean Chinese late night newspaper. 

 First time having meal in the plane in my life. *shy

 Half way thru, gotta take photo cause it's really memorable laa.

 Pimples popping out while I lost in the jungle!!!


Neh~ I was just kiddin. In Changi Airport naoo. 

 Have to travel to another terminal so I took the tram. 

 Was so lonely...=((( 

Cause I'm really alone!!! 

Anyway, spot this Japanese garden so I quickly selca with it! 

With the view of the whole bridge. 

Was so dumb waiting the counter of Delta to open, but it's 7-8 hours to my flight. 

 Was so lonely and mom is the only one accompanying. *touched...
Maybe my dad too, cause my dad always so quite 
stays beside my mom when I called home.
Only when I call "Papa leh?" he will answer. LOL...

So many hours to my flight, so I SELCA IN THE TOILET!!! 

Chatted again after went to the toilet. Then, BF was still up too.
2 something midnight. 
Touched.  T.T

Oh yay! I'm a rich girl, but that's the only money I got in my pocket.
Have to spend it wisely! Finished my Sing dollar at Singapore already don't know why.
I think I bought a lip balm, a bottle of water and don't know already. Super expensive. 

Ohya, IT'S A 100 DOLLARS NOTE! *show off...
but not lasting real long....cause I need to eat one leh.
Genius mom prepared the correct currency laa. 

Lonely, I am soo lonely, I have nobody, I'm on my own. 
Been jaywalking around don't know what to do. 

On my lappie but I couldn't find a socket to charge it after using.
So, I take pictures of my boarding pass. 

Somemore go around and use the foot massaging machine. 
Gosh, hours more to go!

Hours more to go, so I tried another one.
They are OTO and OSIM. Forget which is better already but there is one!

Selca again, so sien.

I put on my 3rd layer already cause it's freezing cold in the transiting zone in Singapore airport. I somemore ask the crew there where got hotter place end up I dashed to the smoking zone cause it's an open space. 
Fortunately, there's no cigarette smell. But really quite embarrassed cause those passer-bys sure think I'm a smoker. Whatever la, I want cold die already. ~~~>.<~~~

Hop on Delta Airline heading to Narita Airport, Japan.

The airline is so cool that the food is hot one. 
Feel so warm with the cold weather having some warm food in the mouth! 

Meal again, cause this is a 7 hour flight from Singapore to Japan. 

Juices all the time without limit and plane plain water as well. XD 

 Selca mode on!

Been so tired. Finally feels sleepy and can sleep. 
Somemore in the airplane have so few passengers only 
although I'm sitting BOEING 747 (not really sure is it 747 or 777).  

Shots from above of the sky. 

Reaching Japan!!! 

Obviously, it's winter already.  

Queue to transit to another plane to Minneapolis, Minnesota.   
Been staying in Japan for not more than 1 hour.
Please la, Japanese this is not the time to be efficient,
let me stay longer in your country!

In Japanese toilet. 
Can wash ash after pooping one, but was rushing and so many people waiting,
so I didn't take a picture also.

Spot my destination? 

Have to double check cause the gate will change from time to time according to my sis. 

What's this? 

Just a cupboard displaying and teaching people 
how to differentiate authentic and pirated branded products. 

No bring USB port for podpod I can die lo, for real. 
Ohya, I hopped on plane to fly from Narita to Minneapolis.
7 hours plus more. Zzz.

Passengers boarding, we're not allowed to play with this thingy yet and 
when the air plane is playing the safety guides and all as always, 
they shut all our entertainment down to listen to them.  

Sleeping kit, blankie and pillow. 

Wow, you can listen to various music o! 

First to choose, K-pop!! 


Jay Chow~~ 

Somemore so many game let me play. 

I chose Bejeweled 2, loadinggggg....... 

Food again! 

Pretzels and peanuts. 
Pretzels don't taste good. Eww. 

But it does look cute. 

Watched a movie somemore.  

Food served, Japanese food.
Awwww. So cute♥
Don't you feel they look so good? 
Japanese. yi ji bang! 

Food again. Taste good. Yummy bread with fruits. 

Oh wait, IT'S SNOWING!!!! 


Hot food being served again. =D 

Check out the cold white world. My favourite colour!!! 

Reaching Minneapolis! All I do in the plane is sleep and eat and sleep and eat. HAHA! 

Put on my 4th layer. 
Currently having, 3 layers jackets/sweaters + 1 normal T-shirt

With Subway, to show to BF cause that's his favourite! 

Spot a grand piano inside the transiting hall. 
Why so warm one, Asia and America totally not the same. 
In Asia, all cold cold face black black; America, somemore got people to entertain you.

Jaywalking around, once again. 

Waiting for the tram, again.
To change terminal, again. 

Jaywalk never ending. 


Okay, American direction is different from Malaysia's one. 

Snowy world ♥♥ 

Heck!! No wonder cold till like this...but in the airport is so warm cause they got heater. 

View at the outside of window. 

Toilet again, mehehehe. 

Fuyoo. This meal that cost me $9 plus, 9 bucks equal to around RM30. wtf
Told you my 100 dollar note won't stay long with me. 

But it's hot and taste good la.

Snow flakes melting. Do they melt? Hmmm. 

Told you, no bring iPod cable will bored to death cause 
I still have to wait for the next flight 
for around 4 hours to fly to Austin.

Bear with me laa. 

Day and night and day and night, finally when I reached Austin it's night time already. 
It's just simply 2 hours flight to Austin from Minneapolis. 

The air plane don't know why didn't get any approval to land so it flew back up again.
Zzz. Wasted about 15 minutes like that.

Well,  that's all for today. BTW, there's quite lot more to share cause you see...

These are just 120 out of them, but not all I will post. Just pick a few worth posting. 

Kthxbye~ Off to swimming. =D

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