Friday, 2 November 2012

Island Hopping - Sapi and Mamutik

This morning, I was waken by the pain of the sunburn yesterday. Ouch!!! Cause I went island hopping yesterday which means I went to two islands one shot which is 2 island of 5 in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. 

Le me, act cute to control the excitement.

While le BF selca.

There are 3 islands (Sapi, Manukan, Mamutik) which is consider popular among the five but we went two only. This is because Pulau Sulug I suppose the name is this, have no life guard there. Where else, Pulau Gaya is just a bridgu accross Pulau Sapi but I don't know why it's infamous.

There's actually lots of thing to do here. Banana boat, diving, sea walking etc. but it's on your own risk if you are out of the border marked.

Early morning at the port, the weather is so good cause seems not going to rain. @Jesselton Point

Le me, beh hu beh hu. loll

So, we went to buy our tickets. There are 2 ways you can go to those islands, one is by legal thru port and the other one is at the jetty there transported by the fishermen. We went to counter 5 we had a great deal. At first the price is RM33 then my friend bargain and got RM25 then I show him the offer that the other counter gave and it's RM23 for the final price! Hooray!

In total, for the trip to Sapi and Mamutik took us RM44.

  • RM23-Transport
  • RM10-Rental for life jacket and snorkelling mask
  • RM3.33-Parking Fee 
  • RM3-Processing fee to the island I guess or whatever fee at the entrance one but you will just have to pay once no matter how many island you are going.
The earliest boat is on 8am while the boat back to mainland will be 4pm but some is 5pm. Anyhow, you can't have the energy to play under the hot sun whole day. We went from 9am to 4pm and reach around 4 something so the parking cost us RM8. Grrr. Blood sucking.

At le port before departing.

So nice right, the view? Somemore of course have to credit the legendary photographer to le BF ♥

Off to island!!!

Sight seeing. Quite scary though. lol

Wait. Check this PSY out! LOL Eating like a boss!!!

Yeah!! We have company!

You can sea walk down at the sea bed. Walaoweh but I think I heard someone saying the price is around RM250. WOW!

This is the one with special equipment.

While this is the one that you can sea walk with normal breathing according to the sort of "tour guide", in-charge of the boat. This one they have stairs that you can walk all the way down to the sea bed. So damn awesome. I don't know how they build this!!! O.O

No wake zone means the boat can't speed here because it's approaching the island and might have people around this area.

At PULAU SAPI!!! ♥♥♥

From the view at the dock.

Both of us don't know doing what.

Pose for the pic!

At the entrance!

With the gang but 2 girls are taking the pic so they are out of the frame and I'm waiting them to upload the picture.

Let's get wet!!!

Baby pic selcaing. I don't know how he can do that with his fucking bulky DSLR. So heavy. I almost dead of handicapped every time just trying ONCE to selca.

So got oversea feel as though I'm in Brazil or Mexico or what. lolll

This PSY immitating the person on the board.

Take photo first before we get wet! The picturesque scenery can even make our shot of cincai pose into an album's cover or what. loll

Play la play la. Play until his slipper float offffff. playfulboy.jpg

Going to dive snorkel already! Yayyy.

Adjusting adjusting our equipment.

Typical Asian taking photo.

There's just some normal shot on land because BF don't have the underwater cover case for his DSLR but you really gotta go to Sapi and see for yourself. As I'm diving I'm as though swimming among the fishes but beware, they sting! Don't forget to be careful on the jelly fish as well. If you don't know how to swim, don't step on the sea bed because I heard someone saying there's something called rock fish as well.

So, are 1pm we off to Mamutik Island.

All wet already. Hahaha.

The sun is shining! 

At Mamutik already!!

This is called a school of fish!

Diving again~

Surprisingly, Mamutik is has less fish to see because it's quite small but it do have more variety of bio underwater to see. I see sea urchin (looks like a small ball having spikes that have poison-according to bf) and also sea cucumber (looks like pipe under the sea bed somemore at first I though really is pipe but was thinking why the fuck they go put pipe there somemore so many of them ._______.).

Towards 3 something, every where starts to rain. We are so lucky cause Mamutik Island is the last one to rain. Ohya don't forget to bring food too although the islands have buffet but I think it must be quite expensive. (to us student)

I'm a good GF. Early morning morning wake up prepare the food for the pig because I just know he will be hungry and I'm the one he seek if he gone hungry. Zzzzzz.

Don't forget to bring your Student card, towel sun block, food, extra garments, water and goggles (in case your diving mask is malfunctioning). That's all and if you're a UMS student or staying in Sabah you can hop off to island anytime. Beware also of the reef current and also during low tide or high tide.

Water is fun but could be dangerous as well!!

Some species you can find here.

The only person that went to 2 islands with us, le house mate. Thanks to him I can have pichas with BF.

Campaign held to protect the Taman.

Lastly, the tip. Use a water resistant bag cause you would not want your stuff to get wet in any way just in case like water splashing when you're on the boat or what.

Ok. Off to shower because I'm just back from KF because today is the day GuanYinMa 出家. Idk what's the English word for that. Googled and it's pravrajana or cloister. I'm a vegetarian today~


PS: omg Friday already. my holiday gone like that. super reluctant cause some of the friends gone Sandakan la, Mabul la...and I'm just going to Sapi & Mamutik. so lame. that's the thing to be done during first year. AIKS!!!

PPS: I saw Nemo and his dad. lolllll