Wednesday, 28 November 2012

La Fuente, me gusta!

Hi all!
And hehe, actually tomorrow I got 1 submission of assignment, 1 quiz and 1 midterm. Dying soon but still am here to blog. D.I.S.T.R.E.S.S.~ lol

So again, we went to La Fuente Restaurant @ 1Borneo on the 14/11/2012 and we are happy customers! Exactly 2 weeks from the day we visit till I have this post. The first time I went there is for the celebration of my birthday. See here.

What brought me there? It's because I found they have discount on Groupon for this restaurant and it's quite convenient for me to reach there. So, why not? Somemore the BF is craving bacon for quite a long time already. Finally can fulfil his appetite after all this while. *girlfriend_mission_accomplised

So don't forget to bring your print out if you are having deals from Groupon! Well here's the deal. See here. Unfortunately, on that day itself after I had that meal I wanted to buy another one but the deal is over. Down. :(((

It's actually a RM43.80 meal but I bought it with just RM15!!!! Awesome! Me gusta!! It's actually a breakfast meal but the meal being offered between 11am to 3pm daily so we make it as our lunch that day!

 BF was so concentrate on the menu but we are on Groupon's deal so basically our meal is fixed. If don't want to pay more la. XD

 Was on selca mode but he come and disturb me. Heck. 
This is the best shot leh. Why you ruin my picture? T.T

 Retake lo. Hehe.


 Act obedient, but just now keep distracting me. Aikss.

Well, this is no our lemon juice. This is the bowl of water that the friendliest waiter in the world at La Fuente gave us to wash our hands. Of course, this is given upon indirect request because BF asked about did he have any place to wash his hands. The service so good. omg

Was waiting the food being served, so I walked around and have some snapshots.

 Turn around and he is so concentrate on something again. Loll.
Always in deep thought but when I ask him what is he thinking, he say he was blank

Okay. That was 2 weeks ago. Took the pics with my Kerrison but stil not really used to it yet so the picture quality not that good YET. Now? Maybe. =D

Was actually so down when we saw this being served. 
But, there's bacon and ham which we can't find it here easily and also with cheap price. 
Ok. Acceptable. 

Sunny-sided-up Egg+Grilled Tomato+Beef Bacon+Chicken Ham for RM7.50

Him, trying out his food. Eventually, they got me rated 8/10 because the food is so nice but how they look is a bit disappointing. Haha. Lesson of the day, don't judge a food by it's look!

 Me, with my food.

 Scrambled Egg+Baked Beans+Hash Brown+Beef Bacon for RM7.50.

They have 3 side dishes to choose from 5 of them so we repeated bacon for the side dish. Also, they come with 3 choices of types of eggs which are Sunny Sided Up, Scrambled Egg and Fried Egg. 

I thought my smile in this pic looks like Kristen Stewart. Not my look, is my smile. Lol. 

Sharing is caring. So we shared among ourselves to taste all of them. The portion might look small and disappointing, BUT THEY ARE FILLING & THEY TASTE GOOD! This is actually our lunch for the day!

Was snapping this pics and I didn't notice this lady and when I look again at the scene, SHE MOVED! Freak the shit out of me. Loll.

And I really want to compliment the cute new waiter or as known as Hello Kitty girl to me because she wore Hello Kitty earrings and also necklace on that day. She is the one serving us mainly and I reckon she is new cause she was quite shy and being quite panic when she was explaining the menu to let us choose those side dishes but with smile. Although she pronounced them incorrectly she just smile but heart warming that kind not fake one. Her big smile every single second just melts my heart. Awww.

So, in the end I wrote a note to the manager-like-woman to compliment her and another lady serving us who gave us the lemon water to wash our hands. Their extra service is awesome!

Don't forget to like their facebook page because you can find out more good deals of this awesome restaurant. I truly recommends this restaurant! Nice ambience, nice food, nice service. Okay. Not just nice, they are awesome! Like!

Okay. Kinda have to rush my assignment and some study later perhaps. bye~

P.S:Was going to blog about this on that day itself I went there, but then a surprise came and have the priority over this post. =P

Why? Nah~

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