Sunday, 11 November 2012

Music Updates

Been so stressed these day. I have not been studying much. Aikss. So here's an quick update of some of awesome Youtube vids I found randomly which brightens up my mood .

Music is so important to me!!!

I shall make a cover of it, this song is so wonderful!!! But wait till I have the ohm to do it. :x

K-pop musics!!

Song of the day!! I like the lyrics!!

By the way, do you actually know that you can play "The Snake" in Youtube when you are loading or buffering that movies! It's a good past time for the few annoying secs that lead by your sucky internet connection. I have 7 people sharing 4mb Streamyx! What now? But anyway, the line is still good for me at here. =D

Loll. Check out my long snake! Mehehehe

So down tomorrow have my Thermodynamics exam of which whole day I've been down town. 
For sure I will end up like this. =P

 Bye folks~ Enjoy the music! ♫♪~

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