Monday, 12 November 2012

#NNShutterbugs14Days #InYourBag

Inspired by Nuffnang Malaysia. 

Just now, actually I almost wanted to sleep already, was just reading tweets and preparing to offline. Then I saw this tweet, from @NuffnangMY.

Okay! I must not be left out from this! Since tomorrow is a holiday, so get up and blog! YAY! And here's a closer look on the poster!

But, but, but, it's already quarter past 1(I typed it on the correct time but I called home so now is 2.53 already!) on 13th and I'm not sure whether I still qualify or not. Anyway, Imma give a shot! So here's the picture of it!

 But this one will be the one on Instagram/Twitter tagging @NuffnangMy and #NNShutterbugs14Days.

 Another shot showing my talent-simply take picture from various angle cause I still don't have skills. =(

 Where this photo is only one not being cropped.

 Closer look.

I love Kerrison laaa.

 And initially this is where I took. Horrible. *shake head

 Tried something else. Not bad.

 This one somemore can see my Jacob's tin!

Items list but the essential one is "手·pod·钥·钱" which means the mobile phone, iPod, keys and purse.
  1. Pencil Case (Daily school life essential la!)
  2. House key
  3. Daily Camera with the Vintage-like-lacy case from mom.♥
  4. Mentholatum Lip Ice lip balm 
  5. Extra Sony NEX F3 battery
  6. iPod touch
  7. Bon Odori fan (Only today, cause just bought it!)
  8. Sony NEX F3 (With Sony camera case to protect it in my bag)
  9. Apple earphone
  10. Kingston pendrive
  11. Wooden comb from Sasa
  12. Nokia mobile phone
  13. 2 exercise/note book
  14.  Purse
  15. Lens' shade
  16. BF's spare car key
  17. Tissue

 Note this key, BF's version which matches mine. ♥
 One more thing I left out, the safety pin
Cause when I change the scene I straight away threw into the bag and end up forgot about it already.
A must.
 If you are wondering what I use to take picture as all my gadgets are in the picture.
It's BF's Canon 450D!
Not forgetting good lighting!
With combination of 2 bulbs of white light and 1 bulb of yellow light!

Happy Deepavali and Sayonara!~ 

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