Monday, 19 November 2012

Sunrise on His Birthday

Read this only if you won't be bored with never ending scenery picture scrolling. LOL!!!

On my birthday, he was awake that night to finish his assignment. The same goes to me, on his birthday I was awake to study Statics supposingly, which end up I was viewing Youtube videos. Heck, watched whole night so I don't even know what is coupled moment. Sigh.

So, I did the same thing like he did. On my birthday, he took the sunrise shots and share to me. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to got some awesome shot. I think la, mine is way better because I play auto he play manual. I just have to set to landscape and all work is done. This is all because I haven't read the instruction manual yet which normally I do. Okay, I even read the whole stack of manual for the calculator I bought during form 6 ok??!!

Had my APK today and heck is so damn tired. Will be a quick update so here are the pics. =D

Realized I was wrong, should set it to 16:9. Lol.

First ray, which touched me a lot. A lot.

Sun shines through cloud from bottom to up which normally you see is from up to down.
I was so lucky. :目

It looks like a phoenix now. Right?

Then came the cloud which is unhappy. Blocked everything but everything happened so fast. 
I even shot a video. Upload it soon. =)

Between the buildings. =D

Meow. Dead mode. Heard before? D.E.A.D.

kthxbai~ Get some sleep and into battle mode tomorrow.A.G.A.I.N. 
Zzzz. T.T

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