Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Tutorial: Simple Slurpy Porridge

Yeaahhhhh!!!~~~~ Today imma talk about food again!!! Mwaahahahahahahahahaha...... Why not?

Trailer!! LOL

-Spring Onions
-Fried Onion Rings
-Salted small prawns
-Salted carrot (preserved vegetables)
-Sesame oil

Fried Egg with Preserved Vegetable:
1) Put some oil on the pan like you're going to fry your egg at normal basis.
2) Put in the preserved vegetables and fry till it turns a bit yellowish.
3) Pour in the egg and fry like the colour as below~

1) Cook your porridge with adding the salted small prawns in. Add salt according to favour.
2) Once it's cooked, scooped them into a bowl.
3) Add the Fried Egg with Preserved Vegetable on top.
4) Sprinkle the spring onion and fried onion rings on top of the porridge.
5) Add in sesame oil and pepper.

Done! ♥ Awesomely easy!

More pics!

Good luck~ Hahahaha

BTW, I'm going to islands here in Sabah to have fun tomorrow. Bye!


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