Wednesday, 14 November 2012

You there, very tactful!

Impromptu idea pops up when I fb messaged Ying, I like calling her Ying. =D

I'm at the point,
I almost want to die,
Thank god your presents came in time,
Which saves my soul and life.

Okay. I never thought I was gonna receive something like this that I even thought the very first post and last will be about Kerrison but NO. Anyway, Kerrison will not only be taking one post I think, probably more than 2?

And there will be lots and lots of picture on my pressies from Stacy. RHYME. lolll
2 main items:  The Scrapbook  and  The Camera Stamp 
Oh yayyyyyyyy~

How could one expect more than this? Never crossed my mind. 
She knew I wanted something vintage and lomo. Please don't tail high aahhhh. =P

Normal light. 

So, the story goes like this. Long long time ago, a girl send her best friend a parcel for her birthday with the help of her best friend's boyfriend and the postman didn't meet her so he put a card in her post box and then one day the girl finds out then she knew she will have some surprise.....WAIT! I couldn't continue with this tone of narrating style, never-ending, no comma, and no full-stop.

and the true story is LIKE THIS. *slippers flying above 

I mean really laah. Just that, my boyfriend who keeps checking our mail box so frequently saying "my mom will mail me something" realized the card for me to collect the parcel. Oh yes, I'm the only dumb girl he had ever successfully cheated and make me his girlfriend. ♥ So, it's not hard to hide from me cause he know my way!

One day, an unknown card received from the postman. You there, very tactful. Chan Alison? You knew my full name! Somemore ask my address from le boyfriend. So, I doubted shit could have in the parcel. Toxic powder to breath in once I open it? Bom? #watched_too_much_cantonese_tradisional_movie Understands me, I rarely get phone calls from anyone what to say about sending parcel. I have never receive love this much in a parcel from a friend but now I do. Really, it freaks me off even I keep telling myself it's my dad's writing eventhough obviously it is not.

Wait. I admit la. I got a bit bit expecting something because she say till like this. Am I not to expect anything??

Just before we are go down town to take the parcel, BF asked me, "who is it actually?" with his right cheek shaking. Meow~ Gotcha! I knew you knew something laaa. Somemore act.
When I get this parcel, the telephone number with blue arrow pointing, clear ALL my doubts.

By the way,

 Side view.

 Unwrap but WITH BUBBLE WRAP!!!!

The biggest surprise isn't that you bought me something. =P
It is that the thing inside. I was like exploring what's in the parcel.
No expectation at all. She might have give me a Twilight Cup also.
Sorry Ying, I know that was ghaiiii but got heart one ok? ♥♥♥♥♥

Some shots of the present. ♥_♥

 Vintage Lomo
Criteria fully fulfilled. Awesommeee.

 Wishes from far. Quite far.

 How thick it is and you can see from the picture, the quality is marvellous. 

Time for some extreme filter shots.
 Black and white.


 Hiding in the book!

Zoom ups for the camera stamp. 

 Bottom view.

 Top view.

 Top view again.

 Rubber behind that plays the biggest role on the outcome.

 So I tested on the book she gave me. I'm so so so happy with the combination they are having.
I show her the picture and she gone something like "See? I know you right?"

SGHH!!! Thank you so much....I'm really touched with the heart you have. I receive the parcels and together with your sincere heart! ♥

 Regular Paper.

 Photos corners lockers.

Free stuff!!! BUBBLE WRAP!!! Awesome!

Ohya, the reason why I'm still awake at this time because I know someone out there is waiting for me to post this. Anyway, what drags me till so late is that the stupidity of me on simple click on shutter and I the heck have to filter many many pictures. Faint. Even my eye balls are dropping out now!

So, the lesson learnt is to not take unnecessary shots


I gotta go sleep nao. Night peeps. ♥


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