Monday, 31 December 2012


All in all this year has been a great year cause after all 1 I've got myself a boyfriend for one year already. Lolll Hmm... What more to sum up? Cause normally the last post of the year, people would do a review for the whole year.

No I'm not gonna write a lot on why I'm happy and what challenges I've successfully overcame or faced. Today, the last day of 2012, Imma just going to write a short letter to myself. A current me to the me in future.

Well, I know it's hard for you to finally made this decision but you surely do have plenty of time thinking and considering what's best of all.

There's so much barriers and changes in future. We wouldn't know what could have happen, be it the worst or the best. People might change, things might turn worse or better and when things happens it happens but bear in mind, don't ever forget what's the reason you are here, where you are and what reason that make you make that choice.

Study hard and get a better future for the beloved ones.

You might get lots of stuff, changes a lot in your English accent, how's your thinking, but again,

don't forget how and where you grew up, who are those with you along this way, why and how you are here and most of all, the boy who taught you what you need to know in love but there's plenty more he have yet to teach you. Stay strong to learn more!!♥

You would tear once again every time you reach here, but wipe up your tears and wash your face and get back to your serious stuff.

Work hard and make all these tears worthwhile.

Don't ever give up on anything, you chose this path and there's no turning back.

You've been a good girl but you will be even better. There's still a long way and have faith, there's such a bright future you can create for yourself, your family, with  your friends and most of all, with him. 

♥ is the only way you could hang on and keep this journey smooth.

Fortunately, you found your Way and all you need to do is just Hang on it.♥ 

I love you.

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