Monday, 10 December 2012

Awful yikes

Ok. I am so stressed. Today just another face-so-thick people drama happened. Aiyo. Too much from them so I'm not even bothering about them already la. Try not to even rant out on facebook cause this type of idiot really wasting my energy to pay anymore attention laa.

Anyway, after all the awesome thing I've recommended on the blog, this time imma go for this place which the ambience and cleanliness is excellent but yet still can't offset the awfulness of the food. Wish they improved already la or maybe the main chef was sick that day so we are just the suay ones. Maybe I got it wrong cause it's meant to be a place just good for hanging out with friends at night and chill out with some alcohol. IDK.

@Bar Tzar Bistro and Bar

Or maybe you can go and have a try again to verify it. It's just my opinion based on my experience, I'm a paying customer and obviously I am not happy about. Wasted my money and it's the most expensive one among all the Groupons thingy I've brought. Maybe because the best part of the bar and bistro is having alcohol but too bad it's not my cup of tea alocohol. Tamade somemore cost me RM33.

The cheapest one is the best I guess which is the La Fuente one. See my post here for La Fuente's review. The 2nd expensive one I gave to a person who is a benefactor to me. So, lesson of the day, not expensive thing are always the best. :x

Check out the details of this Groupon deal here. It may seem attractive...but...err...le sigh. 

Ambience and decoration and settings all are perfect.

Le retro fridge.

All these classic movies posters being framed and hanged on wall.

Big mirror to selca with my Kerrison. Got it not long so the skill not that bad.
same old lame excuse

I really like this cause this is how I started to chat lots with him ♥ hehehehe

Doesn't link to anything Papa listen but just linked me to papa.

Linked me to Stacy keep on telling me how good is 'Sex and the City' keep ask me to watch.

Just like the bokeh effect here. Hahaha.

Like the background?



Meanwhile on the table

Cake, from le housemate cause the day before we went to this place is his birthday.
Was suppose to bring him here but luckily didn't cause it will spoil everything.
But Dome is not good until where. Blurrghh.

Seafood soup is nice but the vege for decoration taste like grass. :x
Pardon me, I'm a complain princess I think. loll

Zoom the background.

Chicken Mushroom Alfredo

Honestly I cook better than this chef laa.

Margarita Pizza

The ingredients? The pizza crust + Pasta sauce + cheese + few slices of tomato. End of story.
Not even a cut of hotdog looo. =(((((

Taste bad so I have to combine both of them together. Maybe taste better I thought.

Still doesn't work.

A day more than a little bit that being ruined cause we thought it will went well.

A sunny day.

A mini cooper. Is it? So cute with the design of what movie already. I also forgot. HAHAHA.

End here with the picture of his big smile. Always contented with what he have.
Even my mom ask me to learn good things from him. T.T

Bye. Gotta get back to those shits and settle something else. wtf fml. 

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