Sunday, 2 December 2012

Bon Odori UMS 2012

Haha. So, officially I've been to 2 Bon Odori this year and in my life. One is in Penang (see here) and this time is in UMS just because in my life before Penang Bon Odori I've never been to one. Somemore, last year during Bon Odori I have ERP replacement class right on the time range when the event was on. And another TL thing is, this year Bon Odori somemore my App Mec lecturer hold class replacement. Sien to maxx. Walaweh. X(

Details is as above and unfortunately the fun is over. Many people actually commented that it is not really good but I found it fun because I'm not an active person physically except of my mouth. I don't like to sweat one. I just like to relax and chill around watching performance. Okay. Kinda boring person.

*Seriously, you have to play this music below when you are looking this post. Loll. Cause mostly just pictures.

Seriously, again, I feel old.....T.T...How old is this song...

Kay, back to the point, Bon Odori UMS 2012.

Reached at 9. Lol. Missed most of the fun I guess. =P
I thought the stage is quite nice.

With the decoration and the moon.

I heard their conversation, reckon this guy is transportation guys cause
he's asking the emcee to inform the students on the bus transporting thingy.

Get some food, RM4. Damn expensive.

RM4 also.

From Sushi King. Lol IDK why from shop one I cannot eat, everytime sure diarrhoeal but booth one can.

Selca with him.

Speechless actually ._______________.

Martial arts thingy.

Gaming corner.

Martial arts again, maybe ninja style one~

Elise so cute. She is in protocol of this event and according to her, her job is to stand there and
 let people take her picture. Haha

Don't know why Billy laugh until so sampat. lollll

Why this picture suddenly she look so qi qan
Like someone bullied her and Billy's scolding that person. lol

And I have a tough time figuring out this guy in red circle one is Cosplay one or 
original he bleached his hair and he have this hair on daily basis. Hmmm.

Him, taking pics.


Games but manage to take one only.

Outside is too hot somemore so noisy, we opt to go into DC and enjoy some air cond.

In the lift got

HAIHHH....wait and I will tell you why....

Crowd from far view.

Selcammie then later taking pictures again.

Spot a pretty  Gyaru!!!   

Favourite girl and favourite pic of the day. She is so pretty!~~
She somemore say, "You have a nice camera!" 
Ahhh!!!!~~~ I like Japanese Gyaru!!!

I just started to got a lil courage and keep asking cosplay people to let me take pic with them.

I feel so old. I feel odd to put a peace sign and I don't even know how to do it already. T.T


Final fantasy?


No idea what is this. Have no idea of any of the character also. Zzz. 
That's why everything I put a "?" behind.

Crew preparing for Bon Dance.

Bon Dance on the stage and it looks quite nice leh. 

Even pikachu is in the crowd dancing together.

This bear

is a bit creepy.

Madeline dancing.


Le Housemate

Took and got shadow on his face but haha...I pretty will do!

Realized that this thingy is giving me some "ohm" aura.

Playing with bubble? Loll

There are also Yam Cake which is obviously not Japanese traditional food. 

Sushi King sushi set which originally is RM15 but I bought it at RM5 cause the event ends.

Bon Odori Ticket for this year. The fan.

Back view.

Jang jang jang, the chikek part to me is here cause supposingly my ootd is like this. I dress nicely and I coordinate nicely already.

The fish, my shoe spoilt!!! Just step out from the lift heading to the car and I felt something was wrong.
Have a look on the shoe and this was what I discovered. Downnnnn.


Please don't scroll back to check out how my outfit is. T.T

Off now. Back to sleep. Super tired after the treasure hunting.
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