Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas Celebration by UMS

Hello! Eh baby, I blog because I couldn't sleep. Damn miss you & I not sure will you see these words or not also. =P

I am not a Christian still loves to celebrates Christmas cause anyway also a holiday merrrrrr. =P

Guess my uni will be the only local one that celebrates Christmas in whole Malaysia officially. Cause it's UMS of which on the only land that I truly feels 1Malaysia in Malaysia. Well, I have not been to any state and stay for a long period other than Penang and Sabah. LOLLL. So, my judgement is not reliable.

Somemore, it's in Grand Borneo Hotel  Ballroom 
& BF insisting he knew the road then we bump into the wrong but nice place.

Somebody is paisehhh. Hahahaha.

Quite nice huh~

Somemore can pretend nothing happened and take picture kok.

So nice, the decoration.

Well, off the crap. Jump to my Christmas celebration. Glad I went this celebration cause I have even more time and attending more event with him before T.T.

Piggie pig is so cute with his santa's hat. Lovely ♥

Even more adorable, I like that praise him even my sis will envy I guess. =P

The thinking face is so cute. 
omg Is this a post about him or the Christmas celebration in UMS?

Signing. Feliz Navidad.
*Shows off my 2 semesters' Spanish. *flips hair

Check out the crowd.

Traditional attire with pop BGM. 

Drama of Christmas.

The kins.

Coral singing. 2 among them is my friend, 1 school mate 1 ex-room mate.

Playing around, funny faces~

Searching for wifi to connect with iPhone5, woooooo~~

Sing this with the tone of the Merry Christmas!
It's Christmas song in another language!

end here. bye~

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