Saturday, 8 December 2012

Cute Games for Babies♥♥♥

Ahh...Everybody is stressing or maybe some like me chilling now. Cause I'm playing back this cute game which I played with my baby sis and baby cousin very often during my secondary school times♥♥♥~

It's on computer!!! Not on smart phones! Hehehe....


Criteria of being a Cute Game
1. Cute graphic
2. Cute back ground music

All fulfilled!!!

Straight to the point, THE GAMES!!! (Just some of them are here and you should try it yourself! Super cute and fun for kiddo like us! :x)

Some guide, you hover the mouse to the home page above you will notice the name of them game will appear at the bottom of the column.

1. Casanova

If you don't let them kiss, the females will heartbreak one~

2. Constellations

3. The Hatchings

4. Carrot Track

5. The Way Home

 6. Bugs

7. Winterbells

8. Pocketful of Stars

9. Sunny Day Sky

10. An Early Spring

And...It's almost Christmas, so there's another game of the season!! It is....

 Flight of the season 

 Screenshots of other games...

Drifting Afternoon

A Cupid's Day

Bubble Bees

Most Frequently Played by me, sis and cousin : Winterbells 

Where to play???

There are 61 games there. Feel cute to try. Mehehehe and and and don't forget to turn on the music and enjoy the game~


P.S.: If you just want to enjoy the music you can go to their youtube channel here and listen to those peaceful BGM.

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