Friday, 21 December 2012

Finding Room Mate

First of all, a picture to greet you!

Hi and NO I'm am not attempting to kiss you, I'm just constipating Lolll. Really, I'm sick. Need proof click here. Haha.

Ok. Back to the point.

As mentioned before from the link to here, I'm finding a room mate for my room mate. :x's the pichas. The rental is RM170 per month. Partially furnished. Any question you may comment below~

When I first move in last April

Living room, quite a mess still. :x


A room that the resider is finding a room mate for her room mate. =S

Sneak peek of other room. :x

Night view to other block.

One of the house mate tetrising.

Ze room~

Ze room and my lovely Debbie Bear~


Rack you gonna have~


I'm not feeling well.

Cause I still have a midterm tomorrow!!!!!!
wtfffff fmllll

I'm not revealing much of the house cause I'm concern about the privacy of the house, my current housemates and also my room mate's future room mates. Details I shall tell you in other way but definitely not here. ^_^

Ohya. Click here to view the sunrise from our unit WHILE Click here to view the 3 pictures of the security measures in the house: 1, 2, 3

Search around and you will get the way to contact me. =D

K bye~ More to come cause I'll be selling my stuffs in cheap price~

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