Friday, 21 December 2012

Happy Winter Solstice Festival

Hi all! Finally, we come to end of 2012 and also this day that we can officially announce that THERE IS NO "THE WORLD ENDS" thingy. Loll. 

December is festive season where all the celebration comes together. Joyful moments to be shared with the loved ones but too bad he is not going back Penang this time. =((((

So, this winter solstice festive, I went up to Duck's house and cuo tang yuan.

Tang Yuan

Yam and Pumpkin flavour

Too bad he is not in the picture cause he is using his iPhone5 to take picture.


Boss of the house

Jin Yee aka Gold fish
pruk pruk pruk...*bubbles coming out...loll

Jin Yee's turtle which initially she wanted to make a gold fish but it was too hard so she made a turtle instead. Loll.


A picture of me that look so aunty! Hahahaha

Luckily, I'm able to celebrate this Chinese Festival with him. Will miss him much even just some short visit back Penang soon. =(((



(Ohya, all picture taken with his iPhone5...wooo~~~)

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