Thursday, 13 December 2012

Le Sigh

Check this out & sorry for the late update. Quite a number of visits here cause you guys probably I might update yesterday. Sorry and I have to blame my own lappie but I won't make it as an excuse not to update my pressure and pleasure land, here. Cause it collects my pressure and pleasure. Loll.

Le sigh.

I'm using BF's lappie to write this post cause my laptop is unable to start the windows properly and get into my desktop. All those shitty things just happen together and this shit lappie faulty happened since the day before yesterday.

Almost took my life because I can't do my stuff properly with my own computer. Even the same brand and same model wouldn't make the same feel. fml This is the second time my Dell lappie is having problem IN CRUCIAL TIME somemore. Also, even more kongcome cause I have to log in as Incognito Window. Huuhuu...T.T....

Typing on other keyboard other than my own one feel so wrong. :(((((

Some updates that I think I'm amazing.

14/12/12 : Diferrential Equation Open Book Test (at least is open book test ...T.T...)
15/12/12 : Applied Mechanics Assignment Due + Class
16/12/12 : IT'S A SUNDAY AND I HAVE CLASS....:((((
18/12/12 : App Mec Quiz + Spanish Oral Test + Lab Test
19/12/12 : Prolly got Differential Equation Test
20/12/12 : Prolly got Differential Equation Test again + Presentation for Analogue Electronics(Either 20th or 21st) and pass up the group assignment
21/12/12 : Probably DE test again
22/12/12 : Applied Mechanics Midterm

I have so few time and I have so much tasks and roles to poise with. Just tell myself to smile and get over it. ;)))))))

BTW, have to cram in some entertainment too. Lolls.

Maybe lappie spoiling is still a good sign for me not to be addictive to the virtual net world.

Bye. Off to sleep.

PS: BF's lappie have no number keypad. Why?? WHY??? I can't easily put a heart symbol!!!~~~ *Pulls own hair


Forgot that today is the iPhone 5 launch in Malaysia and seeing statuses in Facebook of my friend posting in KL for the Maxis store having long queue since yesterday only reminds me about that. Unexpectedly, in Sabah here, in 1Borneo for the Digi store, when me and BF dashed there after my class, there are not even a person holding those sexy iPhones. 


But check this out...

Price different is a lot wehhh!!! According to the official Apple online store for both country. Why????? *Pulls own hair again.

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