Thursday, 6 December 2012

Nestlé Breakfast Hunt 2012 @ UMS

Hihi! I'm back from piles of assignments and projects. So headache now cause whole day rushing here and there since 8am. Classes and things to be submitted to lecturers and not forget to mention my thermo quiz & Analogue midterm held today. :'(

No, I don't like this kind of life.

Yada yada yada....Cut off the crap. :x

Last Sunday, was so tired after the Bon Odori thing then the next morning gotta wake up damn early for the Nestlé Breakfast Hunt 2012 event. Tired but worth it. Live up my sophomore life in UMS! Lol. Two reasons I'm going, FREE BREAKFAST & NO REGISTRATION FEE. Lol. Seems cheap. 

The weather is so good, my mood is so good ♥

Number 041!

With team members.

Got it upon registration.

Top view of ootd. Macam biasa, Uniqlo T + casual jeans + Converse

Don't know that so many people know about this event.


I took it for someone and that someone just know it. =D

Yummy breakfast my tummy was growling!

The queue behind me, cause we're the first one. Lol. Hungry Ghostssss!

First Round.

Zoom up. Got egg one some more.

Friends. XJ+SL+JQ

Second round. =D

And some pig spilt it. Hahaha. P.I.G.L.W.H.

Emcee who is so skilful in hosting event was us giving guidance. 
Who cares??? I just want more breakfast!!!!

Opening ceremony from far.

Starting line.

People mountain people sea.

And the VIPs pressed the air horn like never press before, until I almost deaf.
Pity them also, no more hands to cover the ears. Lol.



On the way, others.


Don't know why we are so happy. Hahaha. Credits to JQ, really nice candid. d(^_^)b

Goodie bagss.

omo! Too much!

Too tired that I couldn't stand up and take picture also.

Over liaooo. Lolsssss.

Our share cause we divided among house mates also.

Just some thing to show off. Gazilion years no Tetris and today I did, 
13 Wins out of 14 games. 
See above, the Energy level and also my Wins at below. =D
Good day. ^_^

 By the way, photo of the day. 
 My photography. ♥~♥ 

Burbai...Get back to my homework liaooo. =((((

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