Saturday, 1 December 2012

Shopping Haul-Padini Concept Store Sale

Just a quick fashion update! Hahaha! Fashion update??!!!! Been struggling with much assignments, projects and exams so I gotta make it fast and brief but concise! Hehe. Tomorrow I gotta wake up early for the treasure hunt thingy. Will blog about it soon. Hehehe.

Padini is having storewide sale with 50% discount and even some items up to 70% discount!! Make sure you drop by to check out the great deal but do bear in mind also that not to be too excited and just focus on buying because at times after discounts, the price is still not really that worthwhile buying. :x

By the way... I got myself a plastic full of garments. Not really that much but mom gonna say: "ah sian, lu mai ko beh sah liao~"(Sian, you please don't buy anymore shirt already~~) I just want to say, "mama, wa bo beh sa liao, wa beh ko ga ghun nierrr~~"(Mom, I didn't buy shirt la, I bought myself some pants and dress only~~) =P

So, here's my item. ♥~♥
Khaki Pants @ RM35

Details(Left to Right): Inner details | Side pocket with lid and button to secure

Jeans @ RM35

Clockwise from left top: Studded | Crossed belt lock | Washed | Regular Waist Line 

Dress @ RM24.5
(No details zoom up cause I will wear it soon! ^_^)

Okay, that's it for now. I think I bought some good items and not that main stream also. I am really happy about it. Hehehe~~ This time I grew and not just focusing on T-shirt or Polo Tee. Spent RM94.50. >.<

Left one day more on the sale, go grab some goodies!

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Goodnight all~ Miss my family so much....

PS: Mom, I have a solid reason to buy new pants, cause my waistline decreased to 27 alreadyyyyy. YAY YAY YAY!

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