Sunday, 23 December 2012

Tutorial: Pretty Vintage Floral Nails

Spice up my fingers during last week which was a ultra stressful week! So gonna do a tutorial bout it on my version of floral vintage nails!

I ain't a fan of something overly girly, so I have something like this.

 What you need 

Nail polish(np) color I used:
White cap np Elianto | Pink cap np Etude House | Black cap np Tony Moly

Before, the dull nail.

 Let's start! 

Just the base coat have got them more lively already!

First layer of color nail polish, Tony Moly is good enough needing just one layer. =)

Second layer, proven Elianto's best for drawing only but not as base color.
Don't worry if you accidentally drew off the border,
you should leave it to dry till the next morning and 
gently peel off the extra region when you're bathing.

 Third layer, then only ends the unevenness of the texture.

Painted fingers with 2 kinds of base colors.

Cotton bud dab on.

Toothpick, get some color.

Draw around the dabbed area. Some inner definition of circle movement to make it like a rose.

Like this. Add on some cute leaves.

End. With the card, recyclable, green, not messy.

Some shots.

The thumb which turns out a disaster. 
You shall notice later what I've done to this poison-mushroom-like nailart.

11 days later. After I cut my nails too.

Actually forcefully did on BF too~ 

Happy boy with his manicure

Kinda cheated on the date. :x But the time is real. So, off to sleep now~


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