Friday, 4 January 2013

DIY My Christmas Gift For Him

He's a sleeping handsome, I'm the sleeping beauty. 
He likes to sleep in the class but he still manage to listen and concentrate while he's sleeping. What???!
So, to make sure he has sufficient and good sleep in the class, I made him these for Christmas. :x

Pillow+Pillow Case+Pop up card

Here we go!

1. Scissors
2. Zip
3. Cloth
4. Cotton
5. Sewing Kit


1. Cut your cloth into sizes you want for your pillow and also pillow case. Noted that pillow case should be given allowance 2cm more on each side than the pillow.

2. Fold your cloth into half and sew the two sides which are longer. You will left one side which is open.

3. Sew another time but this way in inverse on how the sewing went just now. (Up-down-up-down  Down-up-down-up)

3a. How to

 3b. Outcome

4. Fold it inside-out.

5. Get two small balls of cotton and stuff it to the two corner. Stuff the rest of the cotton into the pillow.

6. Sew spirally to lock up the cotton inside.

Pillow Case

1. Sew the zip at the end which is shorter (the width).

2. Sew up the longer side(the length) this time.

3. Secure the zip at the sides.

3a. Outcome

4. Fold it inside out you're done!

Pop up card
I did this by following the tutorial from this website . For more info, see here.

Good luck & Bye~

Ohya, Happy Belated I love you 1314!

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