Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Food Hunt Sabah 2013 Part 2

In conjunction with yesterday's hunt, we are not really satisfied yet, maybe. Then this morning after fetching friends to the airport, we continue our rally after one night of digestion. LOLLLLL


So, BF woke up early and did research for the food hunt and he did a great job. Well, should say that the blog that he found gave good recommendation also. Since we are student and we are not originated from here so the best way is to Google!

We found this website which the blogger happens to be one of the speaker of a talk I've attended before who's sort of someone like boss of ZenQ. Main source and reference of our food hunt today, click here. There are 43 of them, we just pick a few cause our stomach not black hole lehhh. Got quota one.

Total stop for today's lunch: THREE also.

1. 炸肉面/Deep Fried Pork Noodle@Kedai Kopi Hui Chow | RM5.00

The back of the shop
This is nice!!! The taste is so heavy but it works as a miracle when we finished it.
We don't even have to drink water or rinsed our mouth as it felt so mild taste清谈
but right before it is so heavy taste重口味!
(Loll I really dunno how to describe that nicely!
*Thinking back when the time I'm having them in my mouth...OMG)
This is recommended!!! We keep saying, have to recommend to junior!!
Very special chili although KK chili sauce in coffee shop always look the same but 
they don't taste like each other.

Kedai Kopi Hui Chow
Taman Fortuna Phase 2 Shop lots

Location he pinned.
(Blue one is the destination)

2. 保佛面/Beaufort Noodle@Yu Hing Restaurant | RM7.00

At the back of the shop also.
I like those little decorations they have on their wall. 小巧思♥

Busy pinning and searching how to go to the next stop♥
The texture of the noodle okok only, not as good as expected.
2/5 rated.
This chilli also nice. A big role too.
Yu Hing RestaurantCity Mall
S-0-20, Block D, City Mall.
88300 Kota Kinabalu.
(Turn left after entering the entrance to City Mall and go all in and
the furthest behind, a corner shop lot)

3. 烤鸭面/Roasted Duck Noodles@Restoran Kin Hwa | RM6.00

The kopitiam.
Among these shops.
It reminds me of my papa cause my dad loves to eat duck meat. 
Feel like dabao for him back Penang lo!

Normally those duck are so hard to chew and got one smell!
This surprises me cause it's so soft and the skin is crunchy one.
So different with those duck meat I've ate before.
Then I know why my dad so like duck meat liaoo.

Cost us RM7.50 actually coz of the barley drinks.

Restaurant Kin Hwa
DBKK No.7-0, Block C, Ground Floor,
Inanam Business Centre, 88450,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Okay. Done. Full tank already. Just realized the whole food hunt all noodle only. LOLL.

Anyway, number 1 & 3 is strongly recommended!!

Ohya, actually we wanted to try custard bread and Tuaran Mee but too full already. Leave it to next time!

Bye! Nom nom nom!


  1. I would like to know the exact address for Kedai Kopi Hui Chow. Or is there any landmarks around the shoplot?

    1. Hello! The address I got is "Taman Fortuna Phase 2 Shop lots" There's not any very noticeable landmark as far as I can recall now, current location not in Sabah anymore. =)

      However, I would say that the shop is not very obvious and the place is kinda like between the corridor of 2 corner shop lots. The big billboard thingy in the picture is the backside of the shoplot so when you find the shop, do not find according to the picture.

      Hope that helps. =)