Sunday, 20 January 2013

Food Hunt Sabah 2013 Part 3

Hi folks!! Sorry for not updating my blog that frequent this holiday! >~< So, here you are! My Sabah food hunt 3. OH NO! FOOD HUNT AGAIN?? LOLLLL

But this time consider some failure. Quite disappointed with it and you will see =((( all around. =(((( Sorry for the negativity but bad things I just can't pretend and say it's good right?

That's why sad BF is sad.

1. 佑记肉骨茶/Yu Kee Bak Kut Teh(Syarikat Yu Kee)@Gaya Street

Quite nice but when I take picture there, there are couple of people staring at me. Quite expensive I would say cause it put West Malaysia Bak Kut Teh what. The taste is the same, the price and the serving method is different.=(((

Cost us RM2.
All the dishes we ordered. Cost us RM27 without the tea yet!

You spot the difference on their bowl? Yeah, that's how they count your bill.

2. Damai Food Court
Very famous among UMS student.

But this is effing the disaster start point cause in 2 days, we are almost got counted extra RM1 for three times and is this an coincident? WTF This is the first of 2 days. Next time if you are ordering anything in bulk, before you pay, MAKE SURE YOU EFFING COUNT THE MONEY AND ASK PROPERLY BEFORE YOU MAKE PAYMENT CAUSE 90% THEY WILL COUNT YOU RM1 MORE!!! Yikesss!!!

3. Old Town
If you can consider this as one. =((( We just couldn't find any food or snacks that we haven't try during night time. We even stood in the middle of the street and alleys quite some time to find it. So sad and so bad we just couldn't. Stomach ain't full so we find something to eat here.

W peanut butter.
W ice cream.
W kaya.
French toast!

Imma hunt more good food before I fly back to Penang! I still have faith!! Hiak!!!

Night all!

Hasta la vista !!!

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