Monday, 14 January 2013

Food Hunt Sabah 2013

The first in year 2013 and maybe the last one. Not sure yet! So, after the Food Buddies finished their Japanese Final off we hop to town. It's Thye's birthday too before I forgot, one of the food buddies we got!

I cannot already I tell you, just viewing back the photos of the food I don't know how many disgusting time I swallow my saliva already. I know my face are like hungry ghost. The tempt is there but my stomach is so damn full already. LOLLLL

Total stop just for the hunt: THREE. Okay.

1. ZenQ Lintas Square ,KK
The first shop that serves the in-trend iced desserts in KK was ZenQ Desserts. Originated from Taiwan, ZenQ offers a great range of tasteful desserts especially to us Sabahans who are always caught up in the heatwave of mother nature!- [Quoted]
Sounds good!! Somemore that day we have some talk from the boss of Zen Q so probably that's the reason that urges us to go more. Ohya, Black ball is just 2 shop lot apart from ZenQ. You can have second round to the next shop if you're not satisfied with anyone of them. :x

ZenQ Signature RM7.50
I guess...几贵下,几好赚下...No wonder so many desserts shop in KK laa..

That brown sugar thingy is some sort brown sugar icing, not really 100% brown sugar.
Thye was shock seeing so many brown sugar LOLL

ZenQ Red Bean Soup

绵冰 I don't know what it's really called.
You can just point to the menu that you want this when you're there. LOLLL

Zoom UP!!!OMGGG 绵到~~~~~~ 不甜的冰棉花糖...something like this...

That paint-like thing is not leftover of which successfully fool the stupid me. ZZZ...
I thought I can have the last sip of it...TT...

Dry dry!

2. Jia Siang San Nyuk Mee @ Kedai Kopi Jia Siang

久仰大名cause of this website: Here. See other review of SNM also mamadei jek so I HAVE TO GO!! I HAVE TO GO!!

I've passed by this area gazillion times but never drop by to try it. This time purposely come and try it. Walau really better than Sinsuran SNM at Alamesra one.

When we sat down, she already noticed we have no their signature chili so she quickly ask for it.

How they look like.

How they look like in bottles and bottles!!!

干捞面 Kan Lou Mee

Zoom UP!

猪肉汤 Pork Meat Soup

猪杂汤Pork Everything Soup LOLLL
(wahhh the bak iu pok is so niceeeeee, such a big contribution to the soup!!)

Zoom UP

面汤 Mee Soup


Clean clean!

3. Durian Puff 榴莲泡芙

@Taste Better, City Mall

Durian Puff is a MUST TRY MUST TRY!!! 

Durian Ice Cream

Sneak Peek!
Eh, One Mouthful for Each Durian Puff!!
Don't forget it cause housemate who gets our dabao 
have their durian cream burst out and drip like 
they are having yellow blood beside their mouth like vampire!

But too much intake also will sien anyhow it's DURIAN!!!

When we arrived!

1 round in the mall and it just left a few, not until 1 hour plus I think. WOW!!

okay. I gamuan liao. Consecutive few days eat like a bossssss. Boss like in those games that summon the player gao gao. Yeah, that kind of bossss! 


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