Friday, 18 January 2013

Happy Holiday!

Happy holiday for my folks in UMS!! But definitely doesn't mean me. Should I put =) or =(. Neither, cause got good got bad.

YAY YAY!! Today successfully made some meaningful things which we I appreciate so much for the help that the friend who is willing to do this photo shoot for us. I really appreciate that but this morning we have some situation and we're really so paiseh to him. =(((

Well, these day been busying and I've just ended my last paper yesterday. 2 papers in two consecutive days. I don't really have to take the exam but I still went for the exam cause if I didn't go for the exam I will feel bad, and the after going to the exams I also feel bad. Sooo contradict. LOLLL

Somemore, time is running out, after the paper yesterday I've already gathering gao gao. Hahaha! All are nice ones!

Will update more about the photo shoot soon! So many things I have to pack, here in Sabah.=P Ain't that easy. Don't forget emotions and memories too! T.T

Hasta la vista !!!

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