Thursday, 3 January 2013

iPod Photos: US Trip 2012 Part 2

Continue from the previous post. Here. Late post for almost a year already. Wow. Anyway, gonna continue the talking here once again. 

@Mueller Park, Austin, Texas

So, on that day itself after reaching Texas I was so tired. Some bathing afterwards then I hop on to bed. Woke up the next morning and prepare myself to go explore a little bit.

As mentioned before, my parents and sis went there a month earlier than me so my dad was bringing me and sis to some normal neighborhood park (which is so fun, according sis) which is Mueller Park. Just a walk I thought, so I didn't bring any camera except the build in camera function on the iPod in my pocket. All photos are not filtered yet so nice!

On our way to Mueller Park.

Around the neighborhood

Random restaurant.

Scenery along the way but it's so picturesque. 

Reached, i guess.

Yes, we are there.

Checking out some stuff to play.

And we spotted the playground!!!

Sis so beh hu beh hu run to the thing. See the happy girl is so happy!

Zoom up, a thing that you sit on it and due to gravity and impulse,
 your whole body will be turned around with angle.
VERY FUN I TELL YOU but I feel a lil dizzy after that. 

Spotted anothing thing.

Which suppose could fit a few person. This is just optical illusion cause there's much space behind me!!

Swing up high! My favorite!

Stuck my butt halfway!

Trying out another thing again! Hehehe.


No filter, don't know why got stripy feel.

Le lake and le Papa!


Dad still hanging out that area cause he love playing around with the cute animals. Papa~~

End here. Sitting on the ground of the playground.
With some wooden waste pieces, feel so good that 
even falling off to the ground wouldn't cause much pain.

What a good green project this Mueller Park is. Guess so. I google one for the purpose of having this park. Very fun I like the playground most! Weeeee~~


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