Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Jessica's I Got A Boy MV Outfit

Hi guys, I've been travelling and been so busy but I won't forget to update my blog so here's a post!

I took quite a lot pictures during my trip and I will share it soon like the first one. Same but not really that same. Lolll What am I saying??? So, I've missed 2 weeks of classes and I need some time to catch up too. It will be really really tough but I think I can cope with it. 

So, here's what I've been waiting for, the collaboration with Wendy Huang, a cute blogger from Australia. Finally, I can sit down properly and blog about it. So tired after days of travelling and also dealing with the documentation stuff. 

The theme will be SNSD's I got a boy MV and I'm doing the Jessica part.

And....Here it is!

Wait, are you saying that that's not even a slight similar with the outfit of Jessica in the MV? Ummm...

Guess what? When you have some reference to go with, the best you can come up with is, the outcome doesn't look like the original one. Am I right? If they go like the same thing as the original one, why getting another fake girl act like SNSD instead we can just look at the 'authentic' one. LOL

♥ I am no SNSD, I'm just me. I embrace who am I and the body figure I have. 

Here's some other shoots on the outfit:

Whole view of Jessica wearing some 2-piece-top coordinating with short pants.
Zoom Up.
Another outfit which pretty much being outlined in my outfit.
Jacket-like shirt with elbow length sleeve + bow tied at the ribs.

Spot my studded jeans-like clip-on bangle which replaces her spiky studded bracelet.
Her studed hairband.
Spot mine now but I don't emphasize on that, cause if I do,
my face would have turn the whole outfit into some 'bad girl' style.
#faceproblem LOLLL

I cheated on the make up cause I did something of Tiffany,
emphasized on eye lashes over Jessica's emphasizing on thin eyeliner.

Ending my part with this pic.

Wait!! There's still some surprise! Remember that this is a collaboration? Yeap, check out Wendy's blog here for her version.

Some trailer for her version now!!! Excited isn't it? Totally different thing from mine! Visit her awesome blog now to know more!!

Don't forget to comment below on what you think about my part too!! ♥♥

Hasta la vista !!!


  1. So cute :)! I love what you did with the outfit, seems you have put a lot more effort *feels bad* haha <3

    1. I like your make up even more! ♥

  2. Great outfit! You look wonderful.
    I love how you've thought about all the little details!
    I'm following you now ^^

    1. Thanks! You have a nice blog! I'm following you now too!♥