Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Our First Couple Shot

Finally. At last. I have a couple shot with boyfriend. Life is full of first times. =D

Waking up everyday realizing there's one more people in this earth love me as much as my parents do and I can play with like my sister is so good. So good that the feelings are beyond ANY word, phrase, sentence, expression could describe.
I've been wanting this so much and thanks to JQ who is a friend of ours granting my wish before I leave this land below the wind.

I did some edit on the pictures but most of the pictures seems that I have no need to do so. Good enough due to good photography. Maybe because of the model also. :x

Original Photography. #noedit which is good enough but I edited to have another feeling.

Photo of the day. Our favorite. 

In the mean time happily doing this post, I'm still sad of the performance in the last exam. In deep thought to rectify the life I am having and who am I now.

Bye and hope for the best in life. I will be a better person.

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