Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Small updates about the little ones!

Little sis came back last December and so I went back to Penang too for around a week only to meet up her although I'll be seeing her couple weeks later after that meet. She grew fat A LOT!!! But still, she stays cute! ♥

On the way from airport, took with my Kerisson!
Told you she grew fat but she's real pretty nowww!
Well, it's sorta cause of gene and somehow we inherited that from our mom!
Which I somehow left him bach in Sabah. Misses him like crazy during that period! ! ♥♥♥

Into the main context, 



Little Raven!!!

Son of my cousin!

Was captured when he almost 1 month old♥
The little hand and the nail since he was born!
How tiny he is!! My finger with his calf. Ahhhh~~~~ >~<
Baby does gross thing but still looks good!
When he cries!
Sleep tight.
When he tries to tell us "Please don't stop the music!" LOLLL
Yawning♥ Zzzz

And now, the other little ones. I am aunty for these kids and I have bunch and bunch of nieceS nephewS who are children of my cousinS.
Kids are kids. Barely I could take a proper pic!
This boy with his side face has the same nickname in the family with me.
Girls, 2 pairs of sisters having 2 years age gap each. 
Second youngest of the family, 5 months old that time.
Was punished to sit alone because she was bullying the others. Pity. LOLLL
Elaine. Irresistibly cute and loving!!!!!
Showing off her new uniform.
Acting like a boss!!
With the kids again. ♥

Finally, a pic of those who contributes a lot in giving me so much cute nephews and nieces!!! 

My cousins♥Do Re Mi Fa So La

Hasta la vista !!!

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