Friday, 25 January 2013

Swag Specs

Yeap, I changed my hipster glasses!
It ain't eyeglasses but spectacles cause it's humorous!

But the BF let out a laugh when I show him the pic I'm wearing my new specs. Zzzz. Which according to him, I look somehow like this.....

Where got???!!!

Show you my specs history first....
Like I don't know what. I DISLIKE this one. Too girly I guess. :x
One of my satisfied specs too.

Viewing back my specs history, this is so far the chioest I've ever get. Somemore not that mainstream too cause mostly the trend for those K-pop star ones are like sunglasses with round frame. So, I thought I would not wanna follow the trend. I wanna be the trend setter of myself!

Love it! Yay!! ♥♥

Anyway, is it a Yay or Nay?

So, that's sorta ends my quick update for my swag~ Lol *self-obsessed.

Again, what's the specs for swag? 


Hasta la vista !!!

1 comment:

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