Monday, 11 February 2013


Hi, y’all! Been so busy moving in to a new apartment during CNY!! The first day of moving into new apartment just right before my CNY! Not really well spent and something happened!  ZZZzzz.

Not really having CNY cause we're the minority in the States so having NO holiday. :(((( But I have quite an experience coz of hearing and witnessing 10 long red firecrackers being put simultaneously. Somehow, I've been feeling not good bout the new year cause I'm not back in Penang celebrating with my extended family which I've done it since I was a small girl but the pig sends me this from 9gag that somehow cheered me up. ♥
Love him being fat! ♥

Another class of mine starts today but I'm still on a road trip. =P Somehow, something for some reason that make me feel I have to strive hard to get what I want and before that get into a good University.

Curious to know? See below. Lolll.

Which somehow I wanted to go also cause it's a once in a lifetime experience. To bad, I can't. So close, SO CLOSE. Link here.

Anyway, will share about my moving soon and here's some of the sneak peak!!
My new workplace! In WHITEEEE!!!!!
W/o flash and exactly the atmosphere & ambiance I'll be having.
With flash!
So damn white. ME GUSTA!!!

*Hiding in the kitchen to catch some free wifi. #lifedyingwithoutwinternet

& spot this!!

Hasta la vista !!!

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