Friday, 22 February 2013

2nd Trip Here-Part 1

Part 1-From Penang to Singapore. (Part of my trip from Penang to Austin, Texas)

I really feel reluctant to do this post cause anyway it's somehow leaving those I love back in Malaysia and come to the place where my future will be better. However, there's not much people that is so lucky like me that they can study abroad. So, that's quite a reason why I'm still having this post.

Gonna start the story from here, Penang International Airport. So down, so sad cause it's one day before the 27th of the month.


Miss him crazily these days. Luckily I've got another Apple product that really shorten our distance.
That I cry until like ham jim peng.
Forever so cute like this don't know why! ♥
My boarding pass. Unlike Air Asia one...LOLLL
Economic flight somemore got newspaper.

And the eyes still swollen...
The adjustable head-rest. Super better than AA gazillion zombie times.

Safety demo.
I got an earplug but end up didn't use tiok. Just use it when the parents and sis slept too soundly in the room together.

Sit plane so long really make my butt grows fat and fat and fat.

Wanna post my pic posing with this but I so sad looking at it cause missing somebody. ;(
Sticker to indicate I can sit the free shuttle bus to hotel.

Got it from the immigration counters.
Shuttle bus heading to our hotel.
Thanks to United Airlines, I have another stamp in my passport for stopping by in Singapore.
Free hotel to stay somemore.

Changi Village Hotel!! Sponsored by United Airlines!!♥

Quickly, some selcass.
Happy mom!

Panaroma shot of the toilet. Not bed looo ♥

On my set, ready to sneeze...Urrghhh, pissing me off!!!
Was so sick with sickness. :(((((((((((

This $4 Hor Fun Mee or what IDK but super haoliao

Also, this hor fun thingy saved me and my parents.

Me? Cause I was having allergic and keep sneezing like non stop and this warm food heals me a lil.

Parents? Their pocket. Cause they say they wanna have a walk around the hotel since it's just 8pm+,
end up found some cheap food and delicious somemore nearby instead of eating hotel buffet that is $54. Good!!

After eating, I super got energy already....LOLLL...
My hair super nice once upon a time, using Malaysian shampoo.
Now? Kanasai. T.T.

Happily waiting my turn to go take my bath, then rest cause later gonna be a long trip and never ending one...


That's roughly just like how everyone travelled from Penang to Singapore. Just that my hotel is sponsored one. Thanks to United Airlines.

I think that not much people know about this, including me too, if it wasn't my mom doing so that we can ask for free hotel stay if we gonna transit and stay overnight in an airport. But we gotta make sure that we can be on time for the next flight too.

Also, there's a no-show charge if we didn't show up and use the facility of the hotel. Which means we will be charged for an amount if we some sort saja ask for siok and not staying in the hotel.

Guess I'll end here, too much photos to filter too. =P and Something happened made me gotta redo all my post. Arghh. That's why it took me quite long to finally have this post.

To be continued....
(Gotta go and play my iPhone! =P)

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  1. hi~ jz wanna ask how do ur mum ask for the free hotel? and u buy silk air travel from penang to singapore from united airline website or buy separately ?