Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Almost done with it!

Hi y'all!
So, I'm almost done settling down. I've found a new apartment and will be moving in soon, getting all my things done, sit for an exam after I've been here not long.....WHOA, that's lotsov stuff to handle with!

It's the movie "Tears of the Sun" which is the main thing behind this post. Which somehow, a movie that had put me into deep thought last night. But why is it so? See the trailer below.

Which the main outline of the mission to save a doctor in Nigeria. One of the scene that manage to make a quite impression is the one that the rebels cut off the pregnant women's breast so that they couldn't feed their children and rape the woman after that, with bloods at the breast part. Yes, you may say it's a fictitious movie but yet another quote by Queen Elinor from the movie "Brave", "legends are lessons and they ring with truths". Do we agree on that?

Then, one thing that my government prof discussed in the class popped up in my mind, regarding the Hillary Clinton's emotional moment which leads to another topic of "When Women Go To War". Discussion on suitability for them to do so were made which then I come up to a conclusion myself that they can but they aren't suitable to do so. Just because they are the one that carry the babies for 9 months, nurture and raise the babies, (which often, the male are the breadwinner for the family) understand how hard it is to raise a life. With a chop, a life is gone. As easy as that.

Things wouldn't get so sentimental if I didn't experience the drill itself in the East View campus. There was a gunshot in Houston and a bomb threat in Rio Grande campus (I'll be attending my class there soon) not long ago. That links how I feel that my life is exposed to threats like this. Somehow, thinking life back in UMS is so good although somehow the liberty in that country is limited. The pros and cons.

Haih. Looking back what I've wrote then facepalm why I so emo loo.

Always like that one. Zzzz.

Bye! *Runs and hides in a corner.

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