Friday, 8 February 2013

Central Market ♨

 Sepia tone lovin'.
Devil's horn Winter Cap | Grandma's Sweater | Dropping Old Spec | Trying-hard winking

HEB Central Market | The surrounding ambiance is always good probably it's in in winter. Somehow I just amazed on what a good job those janitors had made, that they manage to clean the place making it without dried leaves. Not to forget, those civilized people that have taken up the responsible to the land and hold up principles to make this land as good as it always be.

Outside is too cold.
So, we opt to be in indoor. 
The food is real.
Self service, so no need pay tips!
Qiew Qiew~~
Facial expression, limitless.
Uncle Brian too tall, can't fit into landscape in short distance! Haha

Total up $34+. There's no need to pay tips because it's self service one~ Nice food with reasonable price if you don't convert. Yet if convert also cheaper than some of the restaurant back in Malaysia.

So, that means YUM YUM!

Often, Malaysians have been praising Western countries citizen that they did a great job on being civilized and whatsoever. Still I do, question myself from time to time, for I have claim this land mine and what I've done to make it better. At least the slight responsible to make it, not to litter. 

Hasta la vista !!!


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