Wednesday, 13 February 2013

CNY 2013

Chinese are ethnic that emphasize on eating and food. So, this CNY although I'm in the States, still, eating good food is a must do

Din Ho Chinese BBQ / 頂好燒臘面家
(HongKong cuisine)

Imma start spamming food pictures from here!

Not shark fin but just some gooey stuff with seafood.

Rice-staple food of Asians.
Mantou / 饅頭
Roast Duck / 烤鴨
Which the roast duck and mantou comes together.

Fried rice aka Chow Fan / 炒飯

Group picture which make me having 山珍海味!! Yum~
Fortune cookies (my sis and I call it 耳朵餅)
Heart-attack having bill. Zzzz.
What's in my fortune cookies.
Some lion dance show. 

Me and my sis still, afraid of the lion dance since young. We would hide in the room furthest from the lion dance and in blanket. Still having this phobia even I'm this big. Loll. #chicken

Cause outside of the restaurant was so damn merry with the celebration.
Not to forget the can-make-one-deaf firecrackers.
They are like 10 or more red firecrackers lighted simultaneously.
Never endinggggg.
Baby sis from far have to cover her ears too.

CNY meant to be reunion with family but this time, for me, gonna be parting from all those loved ones. Except my aunt them and my baby sis only lo.

Second time spending my CNY NOT in Penang. Feel really not used to it.

The weird part all comes together. No red packets, not emphasizing on wearing new clothes, no going over houses of relatives to "register" which was one thing I used to hate. Hahaha. *fake_laugh

Cause now, I miss it so much.


Happy Chinese New Year!!

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