Saturday, 16 February 2013

Free Brunch @Ikea, Round Rock

First, the conversation between me and ah yi.
Q: Have you been to Ikea in Sabah?
A: No. They only have one Ikea in Malaysia.
Q: K.L?
A. Yeap.
Q: Have you been to K.L.?
A: Once.

What exactly is I went to K.L. twice. Once, I didn't consider it cause I went there unconsciously which I was small. Second time, was a training trip to K.L. from a company I've worked before.

Which basically also why I'm so happy about. FREE FOODDDD. These days spending USD while parents earning MYR. Feel so bad. So full with free food even I slept at 4+ the night before and immediately woke up when sis said Ah yi was going to bring us to eat Ikea free lunch (my brunch).

Hop off from bed and prep then happily go there already.
Everytime passing by all these flyovers I'm so damn amazed.

The portion of 2 children & 2 adults.




The table with food portion of my sis and I.
(Of course we can't finish'em all. Too greedy.)

Zoom inS. I'm so like Asian stereotype one, keep taking food picture. Only me thick facely doing so.

 Last but not least. have to thank ah yi jioing us go to eat the free food cause she just knew it would be definitely worth it with us tagging along. She bought $300 stuffs and that's more than eligible to have free lunch. See how it works here. Just a bit paiseh when we're taking the ready-to-go boxes walking so far somemore in the crowd back to the car.

Ending up, trunk full with leftoverssss.

But never mind, at least I no need to cook for the dinner already!

Anyway, I just can't understand why some people rather to have leftovers to be thrown away than pack it back home to have it later. Somehow, some also thought that it's not a good thing and something embarrassed of to take free stuffs. Don't get the silly concept.

Maybe, maybe one day my thoughts will change after I have lotsa $$ in the bank.

Hasta la vista !!!


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