Tuesday, 26 February 2013

How we made our Dangerous Supper

*Wait, this is strictly not a tutorial.

Or you can say fattening supper. Lolll

And this is the main reason we are making pizza as our supper. Cause our stock of Maggie Curry Instant Noodle is finishing!!!! How are we going to find such naissss taste instant noodle again in the States???

Pathetically, they are the last 2 packets of Maggie Curry. =(((((

So, we started! 

*AGAIN, this is strictly not a tutorial !!

Unless you want your house to be burnt down....LOL Just joking~


1. Unwrap the ready-made pizza crust. (Which ours look like a scroll from Dumbledore, and we're doing this task he ask us to. =P)
Super funny scroll.
Regardless the instruction said 'DO NOT EAT ROUGH PIZZA CRUST DOUGH'

2. Cut my scroll into pieces which can fit in my plate.
If you're wondering, I don't know where we inherited that.
If you know what I mean. hehehehe

3. We put it on the plates which are non-withstand-able with heat. Dangerous#1

4. Happily we put them to 400 Fahrenheit.

5. And prepare to bake like a boss for 5 mins! (Pre-bake the dough for 5 mins in 400 Fahrenheit)

6. Cut the bacon while waiting.

7. Move the pizza crust out will oven gloves.

8. Bare crust is super yummy enough and we realized the plate cracked a lil. Dangerous#2

9. Took the dough off and ending up ugly until like this cause we forgot to put oil. =目
This is super yummy and crunchy.
Yummy food out of an accident.
 10. Spread the pasta sauce.




Well, we almost put this whole thing into the oven cause we're thinking those plates might break or explode.


Just found a stupid alternative that we thought we're genius enough to solve this.

At the nick of the time, right after putting into the oven + before closing the cover, OMG we just remember that the oil of the bacon might drip on the insulator or induction thingy!!!



Major Danger!! Dangerous#3

11. Changing a better quality plate and also realizing we forgot to put cheese. HAHAHAHA

12. Here we go~ Into the oven!

Didn't dare to put longer cause the same, we do not know the quality of the plate.
Neither it have any instruction below. Hmmmphhh
Just eat even it doesn't seem right.
Eat till half way really feel not right, we just put this small piece of pizza into the microwave oven
and then heaven!!!! ♥♥
Check out the cheesy pizza!
The cheese is so springy!!

Thought we could have more leftover but we decided to take another one.
Each of us have one for the second day.

This is the one!!♥♥
Pizza Right!!
The rest, into the fridge!

All photos taken by my iPhone 5! ♥

This post do not meant to mislead anyone but pointing out the stupid mistakes that people like us or maybe just us, the new user to the oven, might have done.

Successfully eating this pizza alive is such an amazing thing. Thinking back itself, I  still can't believe that we almost did some stupid things and could have cost our life. OH MY GOD

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