Thursday, 7 February 2013

I have a dream

How do I start to tell this story?

I finally realized that I have a dream. I wanted to be somebody, not that kind of somebody who wants recognition by some random passersby or pedestrians on the street. I know and want to be who I want to be. I know what I want to do.

I want to blog.

I am a Piano and Music Theory Grade 8 holder.
I am a Violin Grade 8 holder.
I finished my SPM & STPM with mooooderate result.
I manage to get into local university, enrolling an engineering course in Malaysia.
Now, I am here to seek for better opportunities. 

I performed my duty well as a student and daughter. After the achievement so far, I've decided to hold on to my dream without giving up my current commitment.

I have a dream. A dream within me that I don't even know the existence until my someone laughed at me saying I have so few followers on instagram and twitter. I don't like it but well, actually that was nothing. I asked that person to stop for more than twenty times but that doesn't work every single time until I cried with the last straw.

He/she don't get it how I dislike the whole context that he/she was making fun of.

Am I just simply ranting about my emotions? Just, how do I really tell that I really really really dislike that. A sorry through facebook or sorry lo in face doesn't help now. Despite what you've done for me. Even what relationship we are in.

Currently my followers are so few, I don't really care about it cause my ultimate platform is blogger. Of course, I will definitely be happy if I have more followers, the more the better. Heartbreaking enough, someone so close laughed so loud at my dream that I cried so hard on it but the heartening part is I'm rising with my readers. 

Blogger ≠ Twitter ≠ Instagram

The main thing is, they laugh at my dream on how the fact that my followers are so few. My dream is to remain blogging and not to be famous. That's not ridiculous or funny at all.

I love blogging.

People blogs to earn. I start picking up blogging the second time is the reason why I'm still blogging now. I have my life in records. I'm writing my story myself. I don't harm anyone.

The main reason, I feel that I settle down myself by blogging. People have interest on many things, reading, sports, youtubing, gaming, sleeping and etc. You know what is mine.

It's odd. I know.

I've finally found what I want to be and I persisted it for quite some time. I know what I want.

"If you're not gonna be supportive, I'm fine with it.
If you think it's funny, fuck off and don't interrogate or interfere with my blogging activities."

You laughed so loud that I cried so hard. I cried so loud that you laughed so hard. I won't forget how's the feeling.

Thank you WH for being supportive and my mom being the one that cares about my feelings.

I will continue to blog EVEN you laugh SO hard that I'm hurt and I'm enough with that.

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