Thursday, 31 January 2013

It's a Memorable Thing

Or probably you would say that I'm lame cause I'm posting this. LOLL
Never Mind. I happy can already~

So, the memorable part is that I've got myself a pair of Nike shoes!!! WOOHOO!!! Boo~~ What??!!

Gotta watermark those photos gao gao cause the shoes are mine now!

mine Mine MINE!!!

So, some bio for my lovely shoes first. The name is "Nike 'Dual Fusion 3' Running Shoe" where you can google it! Awesome! And I got it from Dick's. Funny name huh? LOL

That's a great thing to sorta celebrate for me cause the heck I eat until so big only got a Nike shoes NOW. I don't even have any Adidas shoes in my life before also FYI.

I blog about it cause it's just so memorable and also I appreciate that a lot. (〃^∇^) 

Ohya, talking about appreciating. OMG That day when I was instagramming I saw some rich girl carrying a Chanel bag and guess what's the caption? The sarcastic part is that the caption is "Stop complaining and appreciate what you have!" Err I know I sounds envious but err, you get what I mean? That doesn't seem right. Lol.

Back to my shoes, I'm not gonna name it this time cause I couldn't remember anymore thing. I'm learning some Texas Government this semester and it's so new to me!

So, this shoes cost my mom quite some money but hopefully the sole of the shoes won't come out as easily like my last sport shoes did and wish that this lovely shoes have a long lifespan!

Also, I bought it at $77.85 cause 79.9 having 10% discount and then plus additional 8.25% government tax from the The Domain.
Where they have shops like this.
Which is known as the outlets too.
Look so nerd in winter cloths cause I still have no fashion sense in
Winter clothes cause I'm from a all-year-long-summer country. hehe

Actually was choosing among these two.

Or low profile?

So, you know which I chose & here's some pic I took for the new love!

Realized the details only AFTER I bought it. Lovin' ♥
I'm a happy girl! Wee~
Sole of the shoes!
Coordinated with my bow socks☻

Well but the interesting part would be, on the first day of me wearing my new Nike, I FOUND A GIRL IN MY CLASS WEARING THE SAME SHOES LIKE MINE.

Is it a bad thing? Well, not really~ Nothing much cause as long as I like it then that would be fine. Love it!

How do I look? Handsome or not with the hoodie?

Happy February!!

Hasta la vista !!!

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