Saturday, 23 February 2013

Life in Texas #1

It's quite some time I'm here, in the Lone Star State. Personally, I have a few experience that is fresh in my mind.

Something, so close to those in the movie scenes.

First of all, still crystal clear happened last Thursday when I was on a bus back from school. A lot of policemen (maybe 8 which I consider a lot) was surrounding a house at Springdale Road and wearing bullet proof vest, knocking the front door hard..

Second, there's a sniper which his funeral is in this town and my parents actually witnessed his funeral being so grand and many people attended. Sniper, a sniper. Once I thought it's not in real life, only in movies.

Third, fire drill on the first day of my class. Sis actually ask me to be alert cause another campus of my college had received bomb treat before. Not longer than half year ago.

Forth, my first trip here. There's a man in wheelchair who stalked us and almost follow us back home. How he could do that? Cause there's wheelchair that is remote controlled. Actually that was my bad, revealing too much of my own personal info to him and he even asked "Can I follow you home?". This question only is the point where I realized I've said too much. Too late.

Fifth, some of the students go to school do not carry a bag. Instead, they carry a pram. THEY HAVE BABIES. Sis attended the high school for 2 days and she said that they have nursery in school. When the school ends, you will see your friends, YOUR PEERS carrying kid(s) with them. Is it a good thing? I would say no because before you have the ability to feed yourself, how are u gonna be surviving well having kids. Personally, I can't accept it.

Just some random thoughts at this late night cause just now I heard the police car siren loudly around my neighborhood.

Good night and y'all have a good weekend! 💛

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