Sunday, 17 February 2013

New Blog Love♡

It's about sharing the love among blogging communities I guess. Thanks to Neeyd from Portugal (so naiss can know people across continents through blogging) share me the love! ♥

So, now I'm going to share the love too. First of all, I will be talking about my choices. I'm a lazy girl...... so I adore those girls with natural pretty. Now, maybe you can listen to SNSD'S song Lazy Girl while reading this short post.

From what I see (from their blog), those girls in my choice (you can vote for boys too, too bad my eyes only on only one boy...^~^) are like having natural beauty which means they are so beautiful even without make up for example like me. Loll So thick face.

I start tracking down where this love begins but after I didn't go really far, I gave up!! Loll. Cause this love starts from bloggers who writes other than English / Mandarin. Things got so complicated. I thought it's so cool this time! *Do I look like I'm jumping here and there already? Well. No, I don't. 

The outcome of my research a bit is, this thing goes by few rules.
1) New blogger less than 200 followers (Although I freaking old blogger liao but having so few pity...).
2) Spread this love to 5 people.

Actually, they say it's an award so means that I'm nominated. Lollll but I don't see the prize, I don't see the trophy cause I just can't see it or google it from the web.

Let's who's in my list.

1) Neeyd

18 year-old girl from Portugal.
Reason: Simple enough. She share me the love and I shall return. 

Moreover, she's so pretty. I'm a girl and I like to look at pretty girls as well.
Not to forget her super easy and clear tutorial
I like easy make up! 
I like stuff which is not complicated.

Want to visit her blog? Go now, click here
So dreamy omg I want to faint.

2) Kate

A senior from my previous temporary job.
Bilingual freelance writer. 
Taught me some concept of life.
She likes to travel and writes about her trip and thoughts.

Also, she take good pictures, I stole it from her blog.
If she gonna be mad at me, I will just act cute and say "I'm so close to you".
Then, she will just decline and say "Who so close to you." and roll eyes to me. LOLL

She rarely upload her pictures so means I don't judge on ones appearance in blog readings.
Anyway, she looks cute in real life. Lolll
Ohya, if she post her own picture, that must be a super blur one taken with her blackberry.

Another thing I wanna say to her,
There's always people who care about your are watching you.
EYES ON YOU!! hahaha....


Blogger from Australia.
The first one to cross my mine because of the lovely minnie mouse image. ♥♥
It's an old post but still it's stucking on my mind.

4) ? 

5) ?

So, as you can see, till now I still have vacant for the last 2 bloggers in my list.

If you want to be one of them, comment below with your blog link and I shall pick 2 to include in my list. Too bad if you are famous (more than 200 followers) already then you can't join. Is it good or bad? Loll...

Hasta la vista !!!


  1. Hello sweetie!
    Thank you so much for this lovely post that you made! It makes me feel loved and that somebody actually likes me/my blog ^-^ I'll keep visiting you! <3

  2. first off, your header is just too cute. and 2nd, thanks for the suggestions, i will be checking out these bloggers and their blogs now!
    xx rae

  3. Thanks so much for this blog post :)

    I really love your blog, the layout is great and I'm loving the stuff your posting!

  4. they are cute xD

    visit my blog ^^

  5. nice!

    please follow me if you like!

  6. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog: I checked immediately your blog with the result and I have to smile again - like on my pictures of my acutal post :)

    Now I´m happy to be your newest follower on gfc and bloglovin and it´ll be great if you follow me back.


  7. Ooooo, nominate me!

    I'm totally going to check out the Toasterbot one because the header is so cute, haha...