Friday, 15 February 2013

Valentine's Day - Long Distance Relationship

Flower at the door from apartment management.
Which is also basically my first time receiving flower in 20+ years since I was born. Zzz. Now got boyfriend I also hate Valentine's Day and I really don't know what is up to myself. wtf

Probably cause of I'm in a long distance relationship.

The worse parts...

1) I'm in the States and people freaking so obvious everywhere especially at the bus stop carrying a Teddy Bear. Somemore, kiss at the bus stop. Can you please take care of the lonely people feeling???

2) Apartment put the Happy Valentine's Day greeting at the door. WITH UTILITIES BILLS BESIDE. That doesn't help in any way.

3) Have class on Valentine's Day. In a week, I only have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 2 out of 7 why so zhun have to fall on the day I have class.

4) Couples on facebook madly posting their sweet sweet picturesss. =((((((

5) My parents went back to Malaysia the day before. Madly EMO looooo.

6) Being in long distance relationship & also having time zone difference. No need to elaborate.

Anyway, I'm blessed to have this pig to be with me. Just want to ngam cham because I have this old woman sis staying with me, all day have to listen to her nagging. I feel so old omg. At school so quite, at home I'm so gonna faint for her noisiness. Quit that, back to my BF. We will have never ending complaints about siblings but often they are the ones that accompanie us thru life's ups and downs.

Feel so down every now and then just can facetime and iMessage with him. Just luckily also that he bought his iPhone 5. So grateful and thankful to Apple but these days my iPod really lag like don't know what.

Anyway, it's Valentine's day. All I'm sad about is,

I just can hear his voice, see him thru technologies. Send our love thru cables or maybe optic fibres.

Send him only like Virtual hugs.

But in the end, just.....
Like, EXACTLY!!!!!! He bought me a teddy bear and I sew him a tiny pillow.....T.T......

Hope things work out for us. In anyway, I'm so grateful too with the trust from each other and blessings from both of our parents. However, trust never crosses my mind cause it's like trust or not to trust him is not a choice, it's how my heart feels. How secure I feel when I'm with him and even far away from him. Just like that. Never learn so much till I fall in love with this pig. *blushhhhh

Sometimes, I even plan in my head how the weddings should go. Really hope things work out between the two of us. The piggie couple. Ok, I admit I pig liao, you satisfied? LOLLL

Guess the pig is still sleeping soundly in his bed right now. 10.05 back in Malaysia.

Hasta la vista !!!


  1. Hi Alison! Thanks for showing love in Instagram! HAHA stalked you here and read this post. I'm in an LDR too, spent Valentine's alone and blogged! But life's good, so let's be happy!

    <3 M

    1. Yeah!! Let's stay strong and day by day we're closer to the destination!♥

  2. I know exacly how long distance relationships are! Me and my boyfriend aren't from the same city! we don't see each other so often like the normal couples do >.< but we spent the valentines day together, he missed school that day >.> XD

    I like your blog so I'm following you <3


  3. Long distance relationships are always hard but at least it's working out for you guys!

    I didn't do anything special with my boyfriend on V-day and we live near each other! He had a lot of midterms and projects so we didn't do anything ;_;