Thursday, 28 February 2013

Youtube: iPhone 5 Unboxing

Yesterday's a special day. Every 27th of the month is a special day.It means we've walk this far for our relationship and these small small things are those we should be grateful of.

Anyway, I've used 12 hours doing this video, the iPhone 5 unboxing. I thought that I would upload it on time but my pink ukulele from reached! Was busy playing and later edit till late night. Hahaha

I'm new to making movies and this is my first serious attempt. (Previous play play one not counted.)

I took quite some time also because of the front part that the wordings go according to the beat. I used Window Movie Maker and that is the only software I use because I have a Microsoft computer but I'm happy with the outcome. I also used Adobe Photoshop for the editing of the photos for the strong beat part.

So, here it is.

Before buying iPhone 5, it's quite a struggle for me. I have bought the case already but still I'm considering between an iPhone 5 and iPod 5th Gen. 

But OMG. Such a relief after I've successfully made up my mind. Walaoo. 

Although it's a gift, but it's a big amount of money wehhh.

Again, thank you, thank you and thank you. ♥

The reason that I bought this phone although I'm having an iPod 4th Gen is that I have stupidily go and listen to my sis say I should  have update it earlier which she also regretted it after a week. Before the updating, the iPod last about 3 days with continuous loads of gaming. Then, after updating omg just 5 hours of continuous of game playing just make my phone dies off. It was 100% charged at the beginning. How dead then? An automatically-offed iPod. 

There are so many things I found out when I research about this phone. 

iPhone 5 comes with a few models. See the official page here. The main difference is the carrier type which is the GSM and CDMA type. I honestly feel that if you read the original page I've read, it would be much better cause this is the best I think. Clear and concise on what we should know regarding phones.

I chose GSM cause back in Malaysia the phone carrier only supports those with GSM. In fact, mostly the phones in the world now are GSM phones and that's why in Malaysia you can see T-mobile phone but you can't see Verizon or Sprint logo at those phones. 

However, there's a country which is Japan is quite a problem because Japanese phones' carriers are all the while that weird, meaning to say differ from the world's. That's is why their superbly high tech phone like DoCoMo and Softbank ones have no market because the carrier platform is different. I'm not sure whether which of them can use in Japan but I bet there's some will work. Japanese market is so big what, it's impossible for Apple to forgo the Japanese market. 

Also, I've found out that I can use prepaid plans on my phone. Another reason to buy this phone without big commitment every month. although life without data plan is a bit dying

Done with the research, go with the buying process.

I bought my iPhone 5 from the Apple Store at The Domain. The real Apple store oh~Not the online Apple Store like last time how I bought my iPod 4th Gen.

Thick facely going back although half way home to take this picture. I'm dutiful as a blogger! =D

Thanks to my ah yi who fetch me to buy the phone although she is so tired after whole day of work.

The device that made my whole purchase process within 5 minutes.
iPod touch with a cool case.
Turn out to be the device which is both a communicator and credit card swipe machine.
Comes with a scanner here too.


And I realized I'm having a normal Sim Card, not even the micro sim card which I can cut!!

 Never mind, just try to on it without sim card see will it work.

Quickly help my iPhone to wear her pretty case and also cut the original screen protector
to work as a temporary screen protector. 

We shall see the rest in print screen mode.

Shyt! Never mind, I try to continue!
And it stuck at here!!!

Gosh, I'm so patiently wait until the next day and go to nearest T-mobile store and change my normal ultra big Sim card to a nano-sim card.

Happily insert it and YESSS!!! ♥♥♥

I just don't know why initially the blog post was so serious and it turn out sounding so childish. LOLLL

Guess while typing I get excited too! 

End it here cause tomorrow I still have class!! Freaking 2.45am and now I'm in 8 Celsius degree. No wonder cold die me. >~<

Hasta la vista !!!


  1. I like your blog because it´s so unusual and I like the idea to give gifts togehter on each 27th of the mounth. I´m sure you have really much to celebrate because in my opinion you fit perfect together!


  2. Awww so lucky, I want an Iphone too >w<
    Mind checking out my giveaway sweetie? <3

    xoxo <3