Wednesday, 27 March 2013

1½ Anniversary!

How odd is that? Lollll  

Yeap, we've been together for 18 months and actually on this special date I wanted to do something special but yesterday which is the 26th of March I have so many assignments being due. Let me count it out....

3 Exams and 1 Media Project!!

How crazy is that???!!! You will be wondering, why am I having 3 exams in a day...It's because one of it is my online class. So unfortunate. omg Guess I should complete the exam earlier to not packed myself into so many things.

Other that that I still have 3 Book reviews and 1 oral interview session. Ahhhhhh.... Let's just not talk about it! (Passer-by A: What??? You raise the topic first one!!)

So, here's the rest of the photos and this is the last collection photos of us before I left UMS. =((( So damn miss him right nowwww...

As always, he's blabbing I'm listening...
Not blabbing also, just he likes to talk. Like a little boy ♥

Which is his current Facebook profile picture too!!~~~


Encore!! Love this to maxxx!!!!

Kay~ Shall end it here real quick!


*ahh...summer please come fast!!! So that I can see him!!! :((((

Hasta la vista !!!

PS: Was planning to register domain but some technical issue happened. Arghhh.....


  1. Congratulations!!
    Good funny pictures !

  2. Both of you are so cute & so adorable!!! Congrats! :)
    Thanks for leaving a cute comment on my blog sweety!
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