Thursday, 21 March 2013

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It's a project by Murad Osmann that I found out about his amazing artwork through the shares on facebook. 

When I first saw his pictures, nothing comes first but to ask my boyfriend and look at it too. OMG So nice...and the girlfriend is so hot!!! Her nails, arms, body, ass are so so so perfect....

Looking at these pics you can't know that his GF is a reporter. So hot and so smart. I adore this kind of girl most already. Moreover, her coordination of clothes are so damn pretty. Elegant and chic and casual. If she wants to, she will top in modelling too. OMG Such a perfect girl. I wish I could be just 50% of her. 

Here are the photos of his artwork from his instagram

Before that, instead of paying attention to his artwork, I'm a girl and my attention is on the GF's outfit!! ♥♥

Let's see on her outfit!!♥♥

I like how they make it couple outfit, sweaters!

Check out the nail colors!

Butt!! She has really nice figure!! And how her personality being portrayed! Little duck!!

This photo I can't see her well but the snake is really scary, 
I wish I can see how she coordinate with accessories.

I like how her hair being braided. Too bad I have stupid hands!!

If I'm the BF, I would be so proud holding a GF walking with me in the street full with crowd!!

I wish to be there with my BF too, and take lots of pictures!
Ok....erm but how she gonna play stuff when she's wearing dress.

Nice hair!!! Everything about her is so perfect!!

It's like she's different person for every picture!! In this pic, I feel that she's so young!
How come her pony tail will be so special itself?

But isn't winter??

I wish I could see her whole outfit clearly cause she's gonna be my role model!!

Sexy OMG!

She's so cute!!!

Nice figure!!!



Nice dress!!

Slowly, I just have to stop commenting and be amazed by this couple!

I love her bag!

You thought she was going to be very bad looking and that's why she isn't showing her face???!!!

Nahhh!!! See here!

She has an instagram account for sure and she even have a youtube account. Check out and give her ♥♥♥♥!!

Photo I love most. She is so pretty and they are looking so sweet. 
Source: HimHer

His Instagram: Him
Her Instagram: Her

One day, I will be travelling around the globe and take such photos with my BF too ♥♥

I really really wish I could have nice outfits liker her too. Awwww...... Really want it so badly....


  1. Love this one. You have such a fantastic blog!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  2. Amazing idea!

  3. Oh my .. She's so gorgeous and he's so inventive with his pictures! Cool couple :)

    Have a lovely weekend! Stop by anytime.

    Indie by heart

  4. wow!
    very creative perspectives to takes pictures :DDD
    tahnks for sharing

  5. gorgeous style, adoring your blog!
    check out our new blog – behind the scenes at our fashion agency!

    lots of love from La-La Land