Friday, 29 March 2013

Gwiyomi ♥

Hi y'all!!

It's really happy and cheerful day cause I've finally can relax for 2 days like that cause my crazy exam schedule is over!! Hehehehe =D

Back to the point! Recently, there are so many internet fever!!!

 PSY's Oppa Gangnam style  Harlem Shake  

Now what???

It's  GWIYOMI FEVER !!! Some call it gyiyomi...

Check out the song here♥

Guess it's starting from this Korean girl from New York I guess, Katherine Park. She's so famous right now and everyone is sharing it furiously on facebook!!

However, I first get to know this gwiyomi is from a nightmare. lolllll

I've made a video specially for my BF too cause we're in LDR and I can't really give him anything special, so might as well did a video for him. ☺ Cause previously I did the gwiyomi when I facetimed with him and he like it! He even ask how to record video during facetime!♥ So, I made him a video~ Specially just for him! Hehehe~

Also, I don't want people to have nightmares after seeing my Gwiyomi cover. Lollll You're most welcome! hahaha

Hope you enjoy your days for the rest of the week!

Hasta la vista !!!


  1. You are so lucky you can relax! I have 3 exams in the next two weeks and I am just overly nervous! Enjoy your relaxing time

  2. AWW that means we don't get to see you doing Gwiyomi!! T_T Okay that is one scary video, the last one > < Your boyfriend's real lucky <3