Thursday, 14 March 2013

H&M haul ♡

It's been awhile since I last shopping and gone crazy on stocking up my wardrobe.

Shopping haul!!

After moving here, to the States, I'm so freaking unfashionable already. Due to many reason, especially because I'm being LAZY!!! Also, my BF is not around with me. :(( I have no mood and no reason to wear so so so nice.... Lolll

And I brought so few clothes here....and these are the only I have...

No. I was just joking, cause some are still in the laundry basket and some are folded in the drawer. Approximately 30 more pieces of garments but that includes my at-home wear. Really too little for girl like me. Heheehe...

Really have to thanks my aunties who brought me there too cause I have no carrr..... Don't want to sit bus and carry my H&M stuff later people thought I'm rich then..... *touchwood

Recently been busy with my studies and the number of readers dropped. So sad. Huhu. Guess my babes and my boy are those paying attention only. Also, the one that requested my blog post... And also because I like to write stuffs... Panda!! You request fulfilled!!♥♥ Lollll

Anyway, today Imma share with you my H&M haul, just a picture. =D
It's so cheap that all of this just cost me $41.90 excluding tax. Hey, this is H&M so it's consider cheap with this price. Some garments can cost the same or more than this amount. #somuchwin yay!yay!yayyy!!

Item 1 & 2 are originally priced at $34.95 and maybe it got marked down because it's off season already and I can't even find them in H&M official portal.

Item 4,5 and 6 are priced at $5.95 and it's in Buy 2 Get 1 Piece offer!!

View item 4 here, as picture below.

View item 6 here, as picture below.

Thanks to Michelle Phan that I saw her video and know about the H&M Long Live Fashion Project.

I thanked her on twitter and SHE EVEN RETWEETED ME!!!


Click in if you want to have a clearer image =D

So today, (consider yesterday cause it's midnight now =P ) I brought my bag of really old fashion clothes and some of my cousin's unwanted clothes with me to the store. Mine are really so outdated and ugly that I'm so glad that the sales assistant didn't ask me to open my bag. She asked if I want my bag and I said no.

I like it so much. My bag was like half of normal shopping bag size so I brought a few in my handbag just in case and she said any size will do. It's so amazing!! It's really a small bag!! ♥♥ *happy~

Then, I got my discount card!!

Don't forget to do some research from the official web before participating this project cause there are some rules and regulations. Link

Not only that card, I used to get another card which lead to more prizes and discounts!!!

The official webpage and you need to join this project to get the code! Below is the whole page view combining after scrolling.

And the prizes.... *big applause!!!

Second step to enter...

And you're done!

Lastly, don't forget to pick up a FREE copy of H&M Magazine of Spring 2013 ♥♥

Ohya, I saved my discount coupon next time for better deals since it's not applicable to offer items.

Happy shopping at H&M!!! I mean me~~~ ♥♥

I will update my blog at least twice a week so stay tuned!!♥ 

Hasta la vista !!!


  1. You are making me want to go shopping now! Great stuff you bought, love the floral shirt :)

  2. Love your choices:)))
    I should go shopping for spring season too and visit H&M!

    Thnx for your nice comment by the way,

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  5. Great post, I love H&M! "Instant fashion" can be a great hazard to our environment and this is a great idea to help make the world we live in a greener place.

    -Xiang Jiao

  6. Thanks for your comment dear <3 I love this post!

  7. Great buys. Nice items.

  8. Wonderful post :) I like H&M.. Thanks for your comment on my blog..

  9. Seems you made a good haul! I like H&M really, because the pieces of them fits me normally perfect :)


  10. Love the things that you bought! ;)
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  11. very nice!

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  12. looks like you bought yourself some great stuff!

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  13. I love H&M. Nice header, thanks for your comment on my blog :)

  14. awesome haul! can't wait til hm launched their ecommerce shop in the us!

  15. Wish we had H&M in Australia, the offers are always so amazing!

    steph /

  16. Great outfits! I love H&M!
    Maybe you could visit my blog. And if you'd like we could follow each other :) xx