Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Study More = Eat More

Hi, y'all!!!

Am I misleading you that this is a yummy food?

Guess what is this?

It just appeared here, out of no where!

Back to the context.

Study has never been easy. 

Plus, it's exam week!!!!!*pulls hair again

Never. Never ever. Like ever. *singing along with Taylor Swifts' song

And I have sweaty hands problems.
*Not to give excuse to not study.

To destroy your dreamy-expensive-drink and only-have-in-restaurant dreamy drink,
WHOLE BOWL OF IT. banana flavor

The whole bowl of smoothie was made due to the loneliness of these bananas. Also, my sister is not in favor of eating bananas. So, I volunteer to eat'em all just with one condition, she make the smoothie for me.

Here we go again, tutorials! But you better don't follow cause this recipe sucks... blueakss..

1. Put in your sliced banana into the blender.

2. Put in the oranges. (wth???)

3. Ice cubes now.

You're all set!

4. Close the lid and start to blend!

A cup for sis and a cup for me. (This BANANA & ORANGE combination of smoothie was done before the whole bowl of smoothie was made, that's why this is a failure. LOLLL)
Seriously, we thought it was going to be tasty!
BUT NO!!!!
Don't judge a smoothie by its look!!!!

While doing this post, I turned so damn hungry again and hunt for food in the kitchen and I found this.

At least made me feel better alone at the desk at this late night, blogging.

Bye! Good luck to y'all having exams!! ☺

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  1. Looks pretty good actually >D And bananas are really helpful during exam times! It's not call brain food for nothing <3

    Hope you do well in your exams!