Friday, 8 March 2013

↭Update 13' 03↭

Hi! Here I am! After 14 hours of sleep. It's been a week. Dying with an assignment and one exam. Not really heavy in actual, just that I love to procrastinate and make everything last minute. 

Words and pages and chapters. >~<

Sometimes, scariness strikes when you're burning midnight oil.

It's midnight and the historic people, looking at you

Like this.

No way. I cannot stand and can't even concentrate. 

What if she blinks??!! Although she's really kind but I wouldn't want to see that. 

Solved. Easy. Just like this. LOLL

This week, I even did my first ever fail cooking in the States. (T▽T)

Get addicted to Candy Crush Saga coz of friends' requests sent to me and even BF's mom is sending me request. Lol Now I'm just stucked in Level 29. How bout you?

Facetimed with the cute baby Raven~ Thanks to my cousin and this little boy just make his aunt (me and sis) go really happy look at his chubbiness. ♥

Tucking in to bed has been a habit for the 2 of us which is in LDR. I'm trying to send some kisses to my BF which I thought I would be like those pretty girls that "Chu~" like this.

and then.....

of which....

mine is...


like this.....

Bet my BF go...


Realizing it's ugly once I hit the send button, I quickly take another pretty photo of me (i consider pretty) and send to him...

Do you feeeeeel sleepy seeing this photo?

I freaking am. 

This week has been a down week for me but never mind cause....

AND this coming week will be up for me cause it's SPRING BREAK!!! ♥♥♥

Gonna study harder and poise between work after I've started to work then buy some new stuffs like this. OMG. Really lovin this lita boots. Too bad I'm a student and I can't afford this shoes now. Work and get some $ then I'll be there! Yay! Stay positive and hardworking~!

Hasta la vista !!!

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