Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Cool Slides for Dummies

Hi y'all! Today Imma just share about an online app that is so cool that help us to coolified our lame and dull slides!

The discovery is what I'm quite ashamed of. Lolll.

During the last visit to the US, I was staying in my aunt's house. Then one day, when my little cousin (5th Grade) was doing her homework, I just go and ask what she's up to her work there. Then, she said she's preparing her presentation!!

Holy mama jesus.....Walao... I standard 6 also not really know how to use computer, not to say about online.:x

Kids nowadays...omg....

So, I just hmmmm okay~ Then, more facts of reality to slash on me that my little cousin is so damn geng!!! She have such animated slides. So, in order to improve myself I just ask about what's the cool thing is and where she found about it.

So, it's Prezi!!

And she found out about it at school ._______________.

Never mind. I'm not gonna lower my self esteem.=(((

The reason I'm doing this post now is because after my presentation in my Texas Government class, I realized that even some American don't know about this Prezi thing. Somehow, I really scared sharing things cause things that was back in Malaysia you might think it's so cool but in the US, people will look at it as if it's just a "neh~" thing.

 This is the home page of Prezi. Just sign in with your facebook account or you can sign up a new one. They have so many cool features that it's so user friendly!!♥

After getting in your account, don't forget to refer 3 friends so that you can get a free 3-month upgrade!!! 

Would you mind if you do me a favor?? Click the link here to register if you want to!! Hehehe

So, currently I have 5 Prezis. Some are like rubbish cause I just have to try out what's the fun here, so need to testing testing looo.....

Or you can check out my slide as a sample.My Hubungan Etnik 

The coolest of all, the 3D background one!!!
(Err... I do for fun and I don't know what should I write so just chunk my info all around...)

They have so many slide templates. So yeng and so chio.
And also which is


But of course you want better one, still got but just have to pay. :3

I picked the chio 3D one to try out this time and I really can see the 3D effects~

You can add frame or meaning to say, add slides. Just the background is as a whole.

Add image as well into your slide like normal power point, but even better!!!

Just a click you will have your text box. You can alter the size and also the angle of the wordings.

Change the color or size of the text.

You can remove it as usual, at the bottom left corner.

Do whatever you want to your slide. FOR FREE!!!

But before that, and anything else, remember to save!!!!

Loll..The whole blog post seems like I'm just ranting over and over again.

You can even see the tutorial online.

Check out my 3D slides for fun, if you don't want also can one la...lols.  alisonous♥ 

Also, you can register your prezi account here! ☺

PS: Do check out my blog post I thought inspiring and read those comments too, it's a better interpretation on what I wanna say. Link

Preview pic.

 Hasta la vista !!!

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  1. Holy o.o This is one crazy app and your standard 5 niece is using THIS?! I think I gotta read the whole thing twice to really grasp how it works lol! What are they doing to kids this days!! Gee what happened to good old childhood of doing scrap books pft.

    Lol yes, never underestimate a female gamer >D Lol my record is terrible, not proud of it BUT I am a happy gamer! That's all I can say, buahahah!

    Hint: I played until I gotta wear glasses orz